The F It List By Alexis Winter

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The F It List (Love You Forever) By Alexis Winter


Book/Novel Author: Alexis Winter

Book/Novel Title: The F It List



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It started when my hot-as-hell coworker offered to give me my first O.Let me back-up. It actually started when I got dumped at the altar.If I have to see one more sympathetic head tilt from someone asking me how I’m holding up…I might lose it.After some serious self-reflection (and momentarily swearing off men forever) I decided the only way to figure out what I want in life is to make a list.My F It List—A journey to self-discovery and kicking ass!But when Grayson AKA, temptation wrapped in a three-piece-suit, offers to help me cross a few items off the list my plan goes a little…off the rails.Teach me golf? Yes, please.Go camping? Sure!Kiss me in the rain? I would have said no but the moment his soft, full lips melted against mine the word ceased to exist.So here I am trying to keep myself in the friend zone, but with each new memory we make, I feel myself falling and I’m not sure I want to be caught.One thing that wasn’t on my list?Having Grayson’s baby.Knocking out the big O,Just turned into me getting knocked up.The F It List is a fun, delicious, and steamy friends to lovers romantic comedy that will have you rooting for Cora and Grayson’s happily ever after page after page. Filled with some hilarious and heartfelt moments this rom-com won’t disappoint. This is book 6 in the Love You Forever Series but can be read completely on its own as a stand-alone.





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