The Family Reunion By Grace Meyers

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The Family Reunion (Newport Sisters Book 1) By Grace Meyers


Book/Novel Author: Grace Meyers

Book/Novel Title: The Family Reunion



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Some families hide big secrets…Lauren Ricci’s life is a lie. Shocked and devastated by the results of a surprise DNA test, she’s forced to come face-to-face with difficult questions that turn her entire world upside down. In a desperate bid for answers, Lauren discovers that she has a long-lost twin sister – and she becomes determined to track her down.But when she arrives at the quiet beachside town of Newport, her sister is nowhere to be found… and instead she discovers a strange mystery that throws her head-first into a suspected missing person case. Surrounded by the charming small-town life and crossing paths with a man she never thought she’d see again, Lauren must unravel the clues behind her twin sister’s disappearance and finally uncover the truth about her past.Can Lauren reunite with her twin and piece together her true identity? Or has her ill-fated journey to Newport, Rhode Island done more harm than good?Artfully blending a lighthearted and cozy mystery with a dash of wholesome beachside romance in a beautiful small town, this idyllic women’s fiction series is a heartwarming read that’s perfect for beach read lovers. Scroll up and grab your copy today!This is Book 1 of 6 in the Newport Sisters Series.
I should have read the reviews. After 77 pages, you have to buy book two and on and on. I’m not buying the rest because the main character is unlikable and I don’t care how it ends. She is nasty to her parents and I’m not interested in any more.
I’ve enjoyed this sweet story very much, which I will merrily go to the next book in this series. Enjoy!
I like the story line but 77 pages in, its now buy book 2..then 3..and on and on. Try to be so careful to not get caught in this trap but this one got by me. I’m not buying any additional “books” and will not read this author again.
Book One is 77 pages so you have to download Book 2 for the continuation. BUT WAIT, THEN YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD BOOK 3 and so on! Totally hate the “short book” gimmick. This promotional ploy is ridiculous. 77 pages in the 1st book, only to have to move to the 2nd book which is even shorter. Just offer the entire book and stop with the “ploy!” And as for the book itself, it’s not that great but nothing fantastic! There are by far better free downloads out there! Not moving on because I don’t like characters who are liars and deceitful for their own gain!
I bought a cliffhanger book. So angry that I have to keep purchasing books to get the whole story. I enjoyed the story until…..Never again. I guess I won’t be finding out how it ends. Too bad.
I loved the first book and then I found out that I had to buy the whole series to get to the end. At least I hope it will be the end. I bought # 2, and now I have to buy #3.


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