The Flow By Dan Bacon

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The Flow By Dan Bacon


Book/Novel Author: Dan Bacon

Book/Novel Title: The Flow




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Summary & Review

The Flow is written by Dan Bacon, of Australian-based dating company The Modern Man. It’s intended for beginners and aims to teach you the core fundamentals you need to meet, attract and date new women.

It’s written using plain, everyday language and doesn’t contain any of the industry-specific jargon that you see in a lot of dating and pickup products. So if you’re new to learning about dating skills then this is a good book bring you up to speed that’s easy to wrap your head around.

The Flow starts out by talking about Dan’s personal journey from being terrible with women to having slept with over 250 women and having successful relationships.

The story about how and why his girlfriend broke up with him is quite common, and a lot of guys will be able to relate to this. You may read it and recognize you’ve made, or are making, the same mistakes that Dan points out.





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