The Four Leaf By Lee Jacquot

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The Four Leaf (A Holinight Novella) By Lee Jacquot


Book/Novel Author: Lee Jacquot

Book/Novel Title: The Four Leaf



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AN AMAZON TOP 10 BESTSELLER#1 BESTSELLER IN HOLIDAY ROMANCE#1 BESTSELLER IN MULTICULTURAL & INTERRACIAL ROMANCE#1 BESTSELLER IN BDSM EROTICAEveryone’s heard the story. Two best friends grow up together, fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after. But what about the one where the girl gets friend-zoned after an awkward attempt at making a move on her best friend?That’s my story.More than a decade has passed, and while our platonic relationship somehow survived, I still cringe when I think about it.Like now.I’m supposed to be getting my hotel ready for all the guests from the St.Patrick’s Day parades, but instead, I’m staring at my best friend while he repairs one of my sinks. The memory and sting of his polite rejection years ago usually helps get my head on straight, but it’s not working this time. Not when there’s been an obvious shift in the air.And definitely not when he just grabbed onto my hips, growled in my ear, and told me to run.***The Four Leaf is a standalone novella in the Holinight Series, featuring strong language, explicit scenes, and mature situations. Reader discretion is advised.
A loss for words. Fast paced (pun intended) witty, just down right filthy and is making my heart race like IM the one being chased! Also I loved the added little supernatural reference in there so good for a quick and spicy read!!
While I did enjoy this for the the most part, my major issues are that the author needs to find a new word for “devour.” I swear it was used 3x in a matter of 10 pages. Also, Willow’s character seems ridiculous. 1.) the MC calls Willow a c-word, and Willow responds that she licks them… In front of customers. Who would do that? Also, Willow calling Adrian out on being primal? Who just calls someone out on their kinks?
Not bad especially for a shorter story. I loved the idea, definitely full of spicy steamy scenes. And the holiday aspect was cute too.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 /5This St. Patrick’s Day novella centers around 2 sister’s who own and run “The Four Leaf” hotel. They grew up there helping their parents in the hotel with their best friend Adrian (a rugby player). But when Adrian shows up while on break, things change.Adrian has had a crush on Samantha since they were kids and is into Primal Play. As kids they always wrestled and played hide and seek, and now, he wants more.On St. Patty’s Day, certain events occur, leading to Adrian saying “Run” and a delicious escapade taking place in the woods. This was a fun introduction to primal kink in a relationship.There’s so much passion and tension that when I was done reading…..I wanted more.
This was such a fun, quick read! I love a friends to lovers trope & this was a exactly that! Sam & Adrian’s best friend dynamic changed QUICK but they didn’t lose their friendship which I love. The primal play in this book was and I loved the subtle nods to their childhood games as adults. This is a great intro book into this genre if you are curious.
i really thought i was going to love this because the reviews were so great and i was looking for something spicier than the books i had been reading..but i was so disappointed. i literally felt like The Love Hypothesis had a better seg scene and it’s not even a BDSM book.also this story was so short, which was my bad for not looking into pages before buying, but it was impossible for me to become invested in the characters and their relationship and everything because i literally just didn’t know them enough. i finished the book in one sitting.. and not in a good way.also what was the end? not to spoil anything but why was his only personality type his kink and why did it literally become the only focal point in their relationship..the writing itself was good and i liked the switching povs but everything else was just so underwhelming unfortunately.


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