The Girl and the 7 Deadly Sins By A.J. Rivers

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The Girl and the 7 Deadly Sins (Emma Griffin® FBI Mystery Book 19) By A.J. Rivers


Book/Novel Author: A.J. Rivers

Book/Novel Title: The Girl and the 7 Deadly Sins



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Pride. Greed. Lust. Envy. Gluttony. Wrath. Sloth.The sins that make us our own worst enemy.And at any given time, we all could fall victim to them.Fighting those demons at times seems impossible.Especially when they come to life…FBI agent Emma Griffin has seen her share of dark and twisted murders.When she’s called onto a new case, Emma finds herself baffled and horrified by the crime scene.Cream colored tags. Mysterious spirals. Words with seemingly no meaning.Victims with tags that don’t seem to correspond to their “sin”.The “greed” victim is neither wealthy or indulgent and the “gluttony” victim seems to lead a healthy lifestyle.As Emma dives deeper into the case, other mysteries that impact her life start closing in.The more truths Emma uncovers the more bizarre turns this “Seven Deadly Sins” case takes, and the more of a target Emma becomes.As the mystery unfolds, Emma finds that these murders are connected to a part of her past she considered long over…You can run or hide, but escape is not an option.In the end the sin of our past turns into demons that will come after all…
Well this certainly has me wanting the next book asap.This is a must read..I’m hoping an rivers had it wrote and ready to print lol
Excellent story. It always amazes me how each book keeps me spellbound right up to the end. And then there is always a teaser making me anxious for Emma to return in her next book in the Series. Thank you.
I really enjoy reading about Agent Emma Griffin. She is always working on one or more cases which have all kinds of twists and turns. If you love mysteries, you’ll love this book!
Fantastic series! I am hooked and can’t get enough of Emma FBI! I recommend to any and all. Great mysteries.
It was very hard to keep up and try to understand the first part of this book, but after getting into it more it all came together. It might have been better had I not waited before reading more of it. I had to go back and review pages I had already read. So all in all when I continued reading I understood better.
I loved this 19th book I’ve read!!! The characters are come alive and each situation is original!! Keep writing,, please!!! I can’t wait for the next book!!!!


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4.9/5309 ratings