The Girl and the Last Sleepover By A.J. Rivers

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The Girl and the Last Sleepover (Emma Griffin® FBI Mystery Book 18) By A.J. Rivers


Book/Novel Author: A.J. Rivers

Book/Novel Title: The Girl and the Last Sleepover



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A shy outcast girl from the rural outskirts of a small town is invited to a girls’ sleepover with two other girls.In the middle of the night a horrific fire erupted.By the time emergency services arrived, it was too late.Investigators assumed the parents, their daughter, and her 2 friends died in the home.But only one body was uncovered, the mother’s…For years FBI Agent Emma Griffin was largely a lone wolf.She insulated herself from the rest of the world. With very few exceptions.Now, that has all changed. Opening herself has given her a chosen family she loves.Working with her cousin Dean has always made her happy, and now she can help someone find a piece of their family that disappeared years ago.An FBI agent who went undercover and never surfaced.As they dig deeper into his disappearance, they find a potential connection of that case with the mystery of the 3 girls.But as bodies connected to the case turn up in odd locations.Emma struggles to make sense of what happened the night of their last sleepover.
I am enjoying this series. One more to read and I hope a number 20will be on the way very soon. I look forward to see what is next for Emma and Sam Dean and Xavier and Ian.

It still amazes me how each of these books have so much energy and are so different but still keeps the awesome characters and such an exciting suspenseful ride! Keep them coming!!!
If someone told me the author has multiple personalities, I would believe it. My mom and I joke there must be more than one person writing this series because the writing and editing vary from book to book – and not always in a good way. Emma is a great character as well as Sam, Dean, Xavier (tho she tries a little too hard to make him sound esoteric) & I enjoy the series but this inconsistency is super annoying.This book was especially hard to read because of the long waxing poetic of dang near everyone, the lazy editing, and the story hip hopping all over the place. I skipped soooooo many pages & still didn’t miss anything . Legit there is a scene where Sam is introduced to the Sheriff as well as Dean then a few pages later, Emma says she needs to call Sam AND on that same page introduces Dean to the Sheriff – and it’s the same scene. Other people caught the Sam issue as well because that line was underlined by multiple people.Idk who she has editing her work but she needs to step up proofreading her own work as well as hire a new person – or several of them. I’ll keep reading, skipping pages and rolling my eyes tho. RIP Tupac!
I have voraciously read the Emma Griffin series and thoroughly enjoyed each book. These books, which carry on from one to another, share the life of Emma, her family and friends. The books beautifully build upon one another from the beginning.Unfortunately, this book and the last, seemed disjointed and not as well put together as the previous books. I struggled getting through the books until they began to come together toward the end. The rest of the books were hard to put down. Oftentimes, I would finish one and immediately begin the next.I am at book #19. I hope it proves to be well written and organized like the majority of the others.
Liked every word. A J really writes good books . I can’t put any of them down once I start reading. Don’t miss any one the are great.


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4.9/5309 ratings