The Girl Buried in the Woods By Robert Ellis

The Girl Buried in the Woods (Detective Matt Jones Book 3) by Robert Ellis

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Book/Novel Author: Robert Ellis

Book/Novel Title: The Girl Buried in the Woods

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  • With Detective Matt Jones on medical leave after hunting down a brutal serial killer on the East Coast in THE LOVE KILLINGS, his supervisor from Hollywood Homicide makes a late-night visit. A body has been found buried in a remote park high above Los Angeles. Because LAPD resources are maxed out, Jones is ordered to come off leave and work the case. Unfortunately, he makes a quick discovery, and it’s grim. The murder victim is a fifteen-year-old girl. Driven by the horror of the crime, Jones and his partner, Denny Cabrera, burn through the investigation like a wildfire. But as they turn over clue after clue, nothing adds up until they make an even more gruesome discovery. There’s another dead body out there, and now, no one is safe—especially Jones, who finds himself lost in a world of violence and corruption where every suspect shares the same goal—pin the murders on Matt Jones … FROM THE EDITORS … “With THE GIRL BURIED IN THE WOODS, Robert Ellis delivers his most terrifying thriller yet. Loaded with fully realized characters, and a story inspired by a real-life murder Ellis experienced as a ten-year-old boy, this emotionally supercharged, read feels like a ride on a roller coaster plunging through the void with no brakes. Once again Robert Ellis demonstrates his masterful touch as a storyteller in THE GIRL BURIED IN THE WOODS.” PRAISE FOR ROBERT ELLIS AND THE DETECTIVE MATT JONES THRILLER SERIES “Stunning emotional force. Ellis keeps everything in focus while building a staggering momentum.” —Booklist, Starred Review, CITY OF ECHOES “CITY OF ECHOES is a dark, gritty, one-sit read. Ellis’s trademark plotting is on full display here.” — “Only really good writers can make you feel so strongly. CITY OF ECHOES is another bravura effort from the talented Robert Ellis.” —Mystery Scene magazine “CITY OF ECHOES is an absorbing and entertaining read from first page to last and documents novelist Robert Ellis as a master of the genre.” —Midwest Book Review “CITY OF ECHOES is a Best Book of the Month.” — AUTHOR’S NOTE THE GIRL BURIED IN THE WOODS was inspired by a true story—the murder of Connie Evans on her fifteenth birthday in the suburbs outside Philadelphia. Her body was found in a shallow grave beneath a grove of pine trees on a country road about a mile from my home. At the time Berkley Road was a desolate street between empty fields of grass that I used to ride my bicycle on every day. I was only a boy at the time of the murder, only ten years old. It took me a year to find the courage to get off my bike and step underneath those pine trees for a look at her grave. In my mind, my imagination, I can still see her hair strewn through the soil, just as it was described by the man who discovered her body with his dog. This is an image that I have carried with me ever since. While this novel isn’t the story of Connie Evans’s life and death, her murder shook me to the bone and changed my life forever.

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