The Girl in the Mist By Kristen Ashley

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The Girl in the Mist: A Misted Pines Novel By Kristen Ashley


Book/Novel Author: Kristen Ashley

Book/Novel Title: The Girl in the Mist



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Renowned author Delphine Larue needs a haven. A crazed fan has gone over the deep end, and she’s not safe. Her security team has suggested a house by a lake. Secluded. Private. Far away. In a beautiful area of the Northwest close to the sleepy town of Misted Pines. It’s perfect. So perfect, Delphine has just moved in, and she’s thinking she’ll stay there forever.Until she sees the girl in the mist.After that, everything changes.Delphine quickly learns that Misted Pines isn’t so sleepy. A little girl has gone missing, and the town is in the grips of terror and tragedy. The local sheriff isn’t up for the job. The citizens are up in arms. And as the case unfolds, the seedy underbelly of a quiet community is exposed, layer by layer.But most importantly, girls are dying.There seems to be only one man they trust to find out what’s happening.The mysterious Cade Bohannan.
Until i read the next one. I love every thing about her. This book was no different. Loved every word I read. I hope to have the good fortune to read every word SHE writes❤
I am a huge fan of Kristen Ashley. But I did struggle with understanding all the conversations. It went in so many directions all at once. I had to backtrack several times and still got lost in a lot of it. That’s never happened before when reading her books. But I am always waiting for her next release. Still an avid fan.
This was a DNF for me. What has happened to KA’s ability to weave together an amazing story with exceptional characters? Will we ever experience that writing from her again? So incredibly disappointed… again. Stop trying to cover all the PC talking points and just be authentically you. We miss you!
I was expecting this to be more of a murder mystery with a ghost story said. I had a super hard time liking the main character Delly. Just could not connect with her at all. She seemed very self righteous. I never connected with her and could not understand why Cade and the boys liked her so much. I also found the story very hard to follow in some parts. Was confusing who was talking, who they were talking about etc. I had a hard time deciding if I liked this book or not. I feel like the story had so much potential but it ended up falling short.
I really love how Kristen Ashley tells a story. This book was a bit different, as it had to be, to keep the mystery going around The Girl in the Mist. I was apprehensive, but as usual Kristen Ashley kept me reading…right to the Misty end!! (pf)
I was disappointed with The girl in the mist. The book has no steam between the main characters and I had to jump past pages because it was just so boring and sometimes difficult to read. Then this Social Warrior education that she inserted made me irritated with the novel. I just wanted a steamy fiction novel with some excitement, like Ashleys other series. I returned this book.


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4.9/5309 ratings