The Girls on the Shore By Ann Cleeves

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The Girls on the Shore By Ann Cleeves


Book/Novel Author: Ann Cleeves

Book/Novel Title: The Girls on the Shore



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A USA Today Bestseller!Ann Cleeves—New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of the Vera and Shetland series, both of which are hit TV shows—returns with a darkly delicious short story, “The Girls on the Shore”, featuring DI Matthew Venn from the Two Rivers series.It was winter. Cold and clear, a different sort of day for this coast where the westerly winds usually blew rain and cloud.Detective Inspector Matthew Venn is standing by his kitchen window when he first spots them. Two young girls, facing away from him, seemingly staring towards something in the distance. They are holding hands, and they are alone.Though not a natural with children, Matthew knows he must find out why the girls are here, on a school day, unsupervised. And so he meets Olivia and Imogen, a pair of sisters whose secrets Matthew must uncover if he hopes to get them home.
A short story on the problem of family inter dynamics where the parent is controlled by the child. Makes you think.
Good story but it is just that, a short story. Cleve writing is always dependable but there was not a lot of meat.
This is the third try I’ve had with this main character. I’m an Anne Cleeves fan but think she missed with this guy. Doubt if I’ll give him a 4th try.
Expecting the worst us part of reading mysteries. Sometimes it doesn’t look like you expect it to. When life deals out more low cards than aces, you need to be clever and resourceful to get ahead of cascading system failure. But what about when you’re not? That’s what Matthew Venn does best. He knows how to play that hand. In this snippet, a piece that couldn’t quite nucleate a whole novel, Matthew calls Jen to hold his metaphorical hand while he does a search for a missing mother along his beach. What happens is a whole lot more than you expect. Definitely recommended for fans of Cleeves and her low-key manner of moving a story along.
I always enjoy Ann Cleeves writing. It has a sure sense of place . The relationships are interesting in the difference from novel to novel.
She stopped writing the Shetland series leaving readers hanging in the last book. Jimmy Perez’s senior officer is pregnant and the baby is his but do we know how their relationship went forward. No we do not and never will since she decided to end the series with that last book. And then, no surprise, she has a new Two Rivers series available right after the demise of the Shetland books. Now she has a 36 page book shilling a new Vera book and a new Matthew Venn book. What a rip off. I guess we know where her loyalties lie and they’re not with her readers but only her pocket book. Find another sucker Ann. It won’t be me.


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