The Glamour Witch By Wendy Wang

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The Glamour Witch: Witches of Palmetto Point Book 13 By Wendy Wang


Book/Novel Author: Wendy Wang

Book/Novel Title: The Glamour Witch



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How do you prove you’re innocent when someone has stolen your face?Twenty-nine-year-old hairstylist Daphne Ferebee, spends her days using her considerable talents as a glamour witch to make her clients beautiful. Her boyfriend loves her, and their relationship is moving in the right direction. Her quirky family of witches always has her back…or so she thinks.After a witch dies in Palmetto Point, a video surfaces of Daphne attacking the woman. It never happened. But Daphne’s cousin Charlie — an investigator with magical law enforcement — trusts the evidence rather than her family. Even Daphne’s boyfriend questions her innocence when she goes on the run.Daphne has dedicated her life to using glamour to make others look good. Now, someone out there may be using magic to make her look bad. She won’t rest until she finds out who.A murderer has stolen her face, her family and possibly her future. To clear her name, she’ll have to go it alone, and believe in herself, even if no one else does.
This story line was fantastic and fascinating! I loved the newest characters and hope they’ll appear in future books. It’s great Daphne now has a real father in her life. Looking forward to seeing what develops. I’m definitely looking forward to book #14!
I’ve read the entire series, and the author delivers perfectly in this latest book! I live in the kowcountry of South Carolina, and know the spots the author speaks of. She had a great handle in the area. I can’t speak highly enough of the entire series! Great characters, and great story telling!
This is the second time I have read I have read the whole series. They are interesting, never a dull moment and Humorous. The characters were believable and the plot clever.
Believe me there’s nothing to dislike about Witches of Palmetto Point. Every book you read you can’t wait for the next one! Keep them coming windy
This time it was Daphne’s turn to have her life turned upside down. Her favorite client at her salon turns out to be her biological father, her very wealthy father. Her half sister isn’t thrilled to let her at all and his assistant is poisoning him to the point he almost dies! Throw in 2 dead witches that Daphne is charged with murdering and you have an exciting adventure to unravel. Wendy Wang has done it again!
I love all of the books of witches of palmetto point, and this one was no different. They are all really good books and have a lot of good plots and twists and turns and shakes and ups and downs to keep you on the edge of your seat until the book is over.


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