The Golden Pecker By Penelope Bloom

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The Golden Pecker By Penelope Bloom


Book/Novel Author: Penelope Bloom

Book/Novel Title: The Golden Pecker

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**First impression of Landon Collins?Questionable. *Highly* questionable.He needed to take me to see “The Golden Pecker”.Fortunately, it was in the basement, not his pants.Turns out my late grandfather was running a BDSM club.** I know what you’re thinking. Don’t follow a stranger into the basement. More importantly, absolutely don’t follow strangers who want to show you their “golden peckers.”But I might have literally died of curiosity if I passed this up. Sure, there was a chance of murder, abduction, and all sorts of horror. Then again, living with the endless questions would be its own special kind of hell. What kind of self-respecting man calls it a pecker? And what did all of this have to do with my late grandfather’s will?The other problem was I couldn’t be sure if Landon Collins was plotting my murder, or if he just had resting hot guy face — broody eyes, a sharp jaw, and full lips made for cruel smiles.Was I ignoring a few dozen red flags? Absolutely. But last time I checked, curiosity was only notorious for killing cats. So I followed his firm ass straight to The Golden Pecker. **

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