The Guilty Feminist By Deborah Frances White

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The Guilty Feminist: From Our Noble Goals to Our Worst Hypocrisies By Deborah Frances White


Book/Novel Author: Deborah Frances White

Book/Novel Title: The Guilty Feminist

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**A witty take on feminism for every woman who wants equality but sometimes wants a day off from fighting for it**

Sometimes we feel a bit like “I’m a feminist, but…” As in, “I’m a feminist, but I skipped the Women’s March to buy face cream.” As in, “I’m a feminist, but I’ve never found time to read Sylvia Plath (but I have watched fifteen seasons of *Keeping Up with the Kardashians* ).”

In *The Guilty Feminist* , Deborah Frances-White reassures us that we don’t have to be perfect to be a force for meaningful change. Exploring big issues of identity, equality, intersectionality, and the current feminist agenda, she explodes the myth of the model activist and offers a realistic path toward changing the world.

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