The HellBeast’s Fight By Stephanie Hudson

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The HellBeast’s Fight (The HellBeast King Book 2) By Stephanie Hudson


Book/Novel Author: Stephanie Hudson

Book/Novel Title: The HellBeast’s Fight



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It started the moment I woke up in hospital,
I naively believed I would find myself alone.
I was wrong.
Because the HellBeast King wasn’t done with me.
Far from it in fact, as he told me he had made a vow.
A vow to keep me safe.
But as my fate started to unravel,
revealing more and more pieces of him at the core,
I couldn’t help but question…
Was his vow to keep me safe or was it simply…
A HellBeast’s fight…
To Keep Me?
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This was a great book. Definitely a middle book though. You will really need to read the one before it first to understand what’s going on.
I just finished reading ‘The Hellbeast’s Fight,” which is Book 2 of ‘The Hellbeast King’ series by Stephanie Hudson!AND HOLY BEASTMAN !Stephanie strikes again !(This gushing praise is spoiler-free FYI!)Warning ⚠️ !If you have not read the other books in the Afterlife world that take place chronologically before this book (Afterlife saga, Transfusion saga, Afterlife Academy series, Hellbeast King Book 1) you may want to stop reading this right now as there may be spoilers for earlier books!!OK!So there were SO MANY things I LOVED about this book!First off!It basically starts RIGHT where we left off at the end of Book 1!I’m a HUGE fan of that folks !This literally feels like you finished the final chapter in Book 1 and then you turned the page and started with the next chapter in Book 2.Which is super awesome .Perfect for reading Book 1 and Book 2 back-to-back!But at the same time… it had been two months since I read Book 1 and I was able to pick it right back up with no problems.It was the perfect combo of reminding me of what happened (without being too redundant) and keeping my interest in the new plotline !There were sooooo many great scenes in this book!!The book is LOADED with tender, goosebump moments.I MEAN TONS.If you didn’t love our Beastman before (ok seriously I’m sure that didn’t happen ,) your gonna LOVE ❤️ him now!!Honestly, I usually wait for the final paragraph of my reviews to talk about the MMC.I literally CANNOT wait with this one !!!This guy IS Jason Momoa to a “T” (appearance wise, because believe it or not, I actually don’t know Jason Momoa .)I mean, heck!Look at the book cover and google the guy & you’ll see what I mean!But forget the appearance, this guy IS Draven MEETS Lucius !He’s got that whole possessive , angry , obsession thing going on that Draven has… AND… he’s got the cheeky , snarky , dirty-mouth that Lucius has!Really, he’s the BEST of both worlds and I am HERE FOR IT ‍♀️!!!Now ELLA…. I LOVE THIS GIRL .She is my FAVORITE FMC in the Afterlife universe!I don’t know how Steph does it, but she makes me nuts about each of her FMC’s more & more as we meet each one !And I am SUPER interested in Ella’s story!!There are hints here & there about her medical background and I CANNOT WAIT to find out her past .I love the mystery around her and her snow globe (❄️ + !) Speaking of her snow globe, I remember reading that bit in Afterlife and thinking… man, I hope Steph takes this somewhere when we get to Jared’s story !And boy did she ever !!!This lady is a GENIUS .I seriously can’t believe all of the characters and plotlines she has imagined and BLESSED US WITH .I am OBSESSED with what I’m definitely going to refer to as the ‘Snow Globe’ plotline and I sort of feel like it’s a ‘Lucius in Afterlife 2.0’ plotline and that is A-OK with me!!!I LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!!I was CRAZY about Lucius in Afterlife …and I am SO EXCITED to see where this story goes!! Speaking of where it goes and the TWIST … I was totally mind blown towards the end of the book!A certain bathtub scene and I was like OH MY GOSH .WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING .THIS IS NUTS .And then I was like… OH MY GOODNESS … there is gonna be one heck of Cliffhanger !!!!!!! AHHHHHHH !But then again, super bonus because during this twist I found out Ella is 5’2’’ and helllooo… so am I ‍♀️ … so that makes me super happy !Oh!The guys !!!I have to talk about the guys !So we always knew Kiera was super protected right?And Amelia really was too.BUT!ELLA!Man, Jared has a biker gang posse and I’m LOVING ❤️ how they are all up in there ready to smack down for Ella! I LOVE IT !I also LOVE how we meet SO many great new characters and I’m super intrigued by the dude that is like poison ☠️ ivy.Spin-off anyone!?And speaking of spin-offs, I don’t know about you, but I’m loving that 40-something-year-old Doc at the beginning!I NEED a book on her!I’m always saying Steph is basically Oprah when it comes to her characters… “And you get your own book !And you get your own book !And you get your own book !”So Steph girl, if you are reading this, let’s get that Doc in there!Let’s just say THIS ‍♀️ 40 something-year-old would totally love a sassy 40-something-year-old FMC in the Afterlife universe !I would definitely be down for that !Honestly, I could go on and on!I loved this book.I love this series.And I love the world Steph is building.And I CANNOT WAIT FOR BOOK 3 .This really was a FABULOUS book and could very well turn into being my favorite of the Afterlife world sagas!So if you haven’t read Hellbeast yet or even tried Afterlife, they are free on KU!Go ahead and give it a shot!The Hellbeast King may just be the Beastman for you!
Excellentbook. I want more !!I love all of Stephanie Hudsons books. She captures your attention and reels you in. You become invested in what happens to the characters. It is a roller coaster ride.You laugh, cry, and are excited when the characters are.Then you don’twant to wait for the next book to come out.
I am an unabashed fan of everything Stephanie Hudson has written, and this newest installment does not disappoint!My only problem now is waiting for the next book to come out!If you want something naughty, delightful, and very engrossing you can NOT go wrong with this, or any of her work!
I really like this series, although the attention to the details sometimes drives me nuts.After the first cliff hanger in the first book I was annoyed and I blissfully went onto the second book not thinking much of it.Now a cliffhanger in the second book and the third book is not out yet OMGOSH I’m irritated.This is such a good series but maybe cut down on some of the details and end on a logical point. Not in the middle of a dramatic turn of event.Annoying.Happy reading but be warned, cliffhanger, AGAIN!
I love Stephanie Hudson. There are so many layers to the stories that she writes. I love how everything always ties together. I can’t wait for the next book.


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