The HellBeast’s Mistake By Stephanie Hudson

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The HellBeast’s Mistake (The HellBeast King Book 3) By Stephanie Hudson


Book/Novel Author: Stephanie Hudson

Book/Novel Title: The HellBeast’s Mistake



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It all started the moment I woke finding myself facing a new nightmare.A face I knew well… my own.So now there’s an imposter pretending to me at The Devil’s RingAnd the question now, is how long will a HellBeast King be fooled?But then with two of us trying to get close,I can’t help but wonder,Which of us will be hunted,And which of us,Will be claimed.But most importantly,Which way will fate swing for usIn this game of beast and the bunny.Will I survive it or will it end up as… A HellBeast’s Mistake?
Love all Stephanie Hudson’s books but this series is one of my favorites. These are a Must read for any paranormal romance fans.
Amazing! Just Amazing! I hope the new book comes out soon. Oh the beast it going to have another fit. Lol
I can’t even begin to express how much this book touched my soul! I was crying even as I laughed at some things that happened. It was definitely well written and engaging. Now I really need more.
OMG… so good, I love the characters and their navigation of this dark and dangerous underworld…. Hurry next installment as this one leaves on a cliffhanger!!!!
I rode the fence on whether I should rate this book a 3 or 4. It so dragged on and on. I want to love Ella, but having a hard time getting behind her. She just seems so weak — maybe that’s the intent right now. However, I’m a huge Afterlife / Transfusion fan and I love Jared, so I’m sticking with it. The ending did get me a little excited about what’s to come with a teaser that we will get to see some more of our beloved characters in the next book. I hope we see Ella grow more and become a bada$$ like Amelia and Kiera!
I enjoy this story but it definitely dragging. I love Jared but Ella’s is very immature. I feel like she should have more sense then she does. The steamy scenes are wonderful.


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