The Hollow Chase By Cap Daniels

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The Hollow Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel (Chase Fulton Novels Book 17) By Cap Daniels


Book/Novel Author: Cap Daniels

Book/Novel Title: The Hollow Chase



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As former American covert operative Chase Fulton struggles to adapt to life on the sidelines following a catastrophic injury, he finds himself waging a battle like none he’s ever faced.From learning to walk again with his new prosthetic to following his long-deceased mentor back into the classroom, Chase fights desperately to fill the emptiness left by his inability to remain on the front lines of America’s clandestine war with the unending phalanx of enemies at the gate.Hope is reborn when a mission arises demanding not only Chase’s unique skill set, but also his intellect and intuition. Can he answer the call of the battlefield without losing his grasp on the world that seems to reject him at every crossroad? Can he find a way to meld the dichotomy of his life on and off the plains of war without his sanity crumbling into the chasm of his desperation?Is this the end or merely the genesis of a new battle plan to thrust Chase Fulton back to the forefront of the fight, where America and the Free World need him most?
Read from book 1, excellent character development, solid research of military capabilities, looking forward to book 18 and the continuing adventures of the team
Another amazing story from the ever excellent mind of Cap Daniels. Don’t know how he manages to keep interesting and new stories flowing, but, certainly pleased that he does.
Before I wax critical about the story dynamics, I do want to give Mr. Daniels kudos for mentioning how badly our veterans get treated. It’s just astounding that we arrest people for trying to bring the truth – that politicians lie about – to the American public. Our Men and Women are deployed, based on those lies, and give their life while corporations rake in profits.But enough of the PSA.I wanted to like this story and I love to cheer people following their dreams (i.e. writers). But if something misses the mark, well, it just does.I’m surprised the gang didn’t have bigger bruises from patting each other on the back than Tony had on his shin. And how does an injury to the lower leg (where the bruise is located) translate to potential knee surgery when there was no indication of a knee problem.And how do “tier 1” operators get the wrong fuel. If the boat, a marine craft, doesn’t take marine diesel, you’d think there’d be some warning near the fuel intake. Do marinas have two different types of fuel? They never seemed to have had that mixup when refueling elsewhere.And about that boat buy in the jungle. You don’t think a stranger appearing alone, offering to buy your boat for American dollars wouldn’t get back to the cartel. If the deal had gone through, you don’t think the whole town/village wouldn’t know about it when they dropped the previous owners off. And why go into the jungle to bury the engine cowling when it was good enough to “sink” the wallet. Have you ever tried to put stones in your wallet? Why not put it with the corpses if you are going to sink them. And if you just let them float on the river, you don’t think that would raise an alarm?And the DEA agents were portrayed as clowns, yet they were able, undetected, to get photos of the “tier 1’s”.I’m sure, once the whole team was on Stinnett’s boat (nice crossover), They all gave a shout (and patted each other on the back), the Marine- Oorah, the Army – Hooah, the Coast Guard – Hooyah, and the Air Force – Yippy.One amusing point, Cap while dancing with the Spiritual, gave an inadvertent nod to the concept of Karma. Believe it or not, there are angels among us. Assistance shows up at the most coincidental times. It starts to redefine the meaning of coincidental. Like when Vizzine (Princess Bride) kept saying events were “inconceivable” and Frezzik says, “I don’t think that word means what you think it means” (because inconceivable events kept happening). Statistical mathematicians and psychologists may call it, “Magical Thinking”, but they are just not paying attention. Anyway, these “aides” are not to be messed with, or, in the words of the philosopher, RoboCop, “…There will be … trouble.”So we all know Anya was put on this earth to protect the good-hearted Gwen. And Chase shoots off Anya’s toe. And … Chase then loses a foot. Karma. I rest my case.At the very end of the story, something happens to Conroy in a very particular way. I wonder what, or perhaps more precisely, who, happened there? Someone we know with a penchant for knives?
I love this author and am thrilled when another book comes out. Chase is recovering and his journey and th Of his crew is riveting. I laughed when the character of Captain Wayne Stinnett comes back into the storyliine. For those that don’t know this Author in real life need to read his books too. These two authors are my favorites.
Having now read all 17 books in this series, I can attest that Cap Daniels is on heck of a great writer! The adventures, plot twists, action and character emotions he develops are so real that you find yourself totally immersed in the stories. “Hollow Chase” is his best tale yet! Enjoy!
Hard to believe this was number 17. Still fresh and keeping you in the edge off your seat.Cap keep Cranking them out!


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