The Hot Valentine Next Door By Jess Stone

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The Hot Valentine Next Door By Jess Stone


Book/Novel Author: Jess Stone

Book/Novel Title: The Hot Valentine Next Door



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Cayden Parks. He’s smokin’ hot, ridiculously gorgeous and he’s all I’ve dreamed about since I was in my later teenage years. He’s 10 years older than I am and so I’d counted down the time until I’d be 18, even though I knew he’d never really want a younger girl like me. And then one day he’d moved away, not long before I reached that sought-after birthday goal. Just like that, he was gone.
Gone from the house next door.
Gone from my world.
I was crushed and thought I’d never see him again.
Time went on and the guys my age left me uninspired. I still kept daydreaming of Cayden Parks and all the ways he’d have his way with me: ways boys my age could never live up to.
Fast-forward to college and I’ve returned home to housesit for my parents. And I just found out Cayden’s back. Living next door. Again. My breath fled me upon hearing this news and my heart took off in a sprint. In fact, my parents have arranged for him to keep his eye on me while they’re away. I’d love for him to keep his eye on me, but not in the way my parents mean. And when I saw him for the first time again after all these years, well, it’s hard to keep myself upright. He’s even more gorgeous than he’d been before. I don’t even know how that’s possible but it has happened.
I keep telling myself he’s just a young girl’s fantasy: the one that will never come true. But a part of me keeps hoping my dreams of him will finally come to be.
I’d love for Cayden to show me what real fiery passion is all about. I’d love to feel his real-man hands all over my body. And those lips. Holy crap. Those lush, sculpted lips look like they were carved just for the purpose of ravishing my mouth and many other places, too.
Stella Reed. That girl just does something to me. She always has.
It was hard enough keeping my hands off her as I watched her blossom from a lanky teen into a goddess of a young woman. Now that she’s older, I might not be able to keep my hands off her any longer. The things I want to do to her are wickedly delicious. I’m not sure her parents would approve though.
Mostly, I want to deliver touches to her that will blow her mind, but hell if that mouth of hers doesn’t make her deserving of a spanking now and then.
Mostly, I keep thinking about giving her my co*k.
In all kinds of ways.
And a diamond ring.
Because I need to make that girl mine.
* * *
Hold onto your battery-operated boyfriend and have some dry panties nearby because all fire’s about to break loose!
HEA guaranteed!
No Cheating!
No Cliffhangers!
This book contains approximately 23,000 words. **





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