The Houndsman By J Pal

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The Houndsman: A Base-Building LitRPG Adventure By J Pal


Book/Novel Author: J Pal

Book/Novel Title: The Houndsman



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Build his Fortress. Grow the Pack. Save the Realm.After serving two terms in the Iron Army’s Building Division, Flint Woodson is done with it all. With his four-legged friend at his side, he wants nothing more than to find a remote settlement, work as a guard or a builder, and find a wife.He doesn’t care about filling his remaining nodes with Skill Stones or wasting his life looking for a Class. Wyldbloods like him aren’t destined for greatness.But the realm is at war. The Fae are sick of humankind violating their treaties, their Wyld armies taking to the fields.And Flint’s plans go out the window when the Diskverse sends him a Life Quest.Reawaken the Sleeping Fort.Protect the village of Lea’s Slumber.Give the Champion of Equilibrium time to grow.Saying “no” isn’t an option when the quest involves the word ‘Champion’. Not if Flint wants to save the realm and have somewhere left to one day to live out his dream.Have you been dreaming of a LitRPG with kingdom-building, flashy skills, and evolving dogs? Well, you just found it. The next series from the hit author of They Called Me Mad is here! Grab your copy today.
Flint even though he was only a builder was primarily responsible for for their partly finished fort holding out long enough for reinforcements to arrive and turn the tide of battle, so when he gets out of the healers ward, he is ordered to report to the officers in charge. While he is listening to there efforts to get him to reenlist, he is offered a quest. He decides that is a better use for his time than another 6 years in the army. He and his dog travel to a valley that the army has pulled back from and abandoned with the task of rebuilding the fort there! Once he gets there then the fun begins! Base building, battles, politics, Rescuing a bunch of people from slavers, advancing his skills and abilities, Making discoveries about the fort, not much in the way of stat pages, No graphic sex! A well rounded story and a fun read, only thing bad is I have to wait till Feb. 2, till I can read the second part. Get it, read it, you won’t be sorry!
This was a great start to a new and interesting series. It’s not just a “one-man army” story, but a great story about connections to the pack.
I really enjoyed both the story, and the authors writing style. There were almost no grammatical or spelling mistakes. This author may have a bright future ahead of them. They were able to do GameLit right, without overdoing it.
I’m not a gamer so the constant reference to game modes was off putting. Otherwise good story content and characters.
“This was a fun book. I am glad that I read it. You should try it too.” As the title says this is a review for Kindle Unlimited and as such is a reflection of my enjoyment of the book and in no way reflects cost to value analysis. I hate trying to define my enjoyment and describe facets of it that would appeal to someone else. It is simply not my style. But for the sake of those fishing for clues: Character development: good Game elements: minimal Harem elements: none Summary: what’s better than a story about a man and his dog! I will happily discuss the book with you on Goodreads if you are so inclined. As always, I am open to debates and arguments, but also vain enough to seek acknowledgement, so feel free to roast me or applaud my efforts. Either is acceptable, because if you are paying attention to me then you are at least considering the book. And THAT my friends is exactly why you see my comments here. Cheers
I love this book. I would highly recommend this book. I will warn you that it is a little slow towards the end of the book but then the action picks right back up.


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