The Incontinence Solution By William Parker

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The Incontinence Solution: Answers for Women of All Ages By William Parker & Amy Rosenman & Rachel Parker


Book/Novel Author: William Parker

Book/Novel Title: The Incontinence Solution

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Important information for the millions of women who suffer from incontinence.
Millions of women experience difficulties controlling their bladders but suffer in silence, reluctant to speak to their doctors—or even to their best friends—about the problem. Here, at last, women will find the most up-to-date medical explanations and state-of-the-art solutions. **
### From Library Journal
Today, 20 to 25 million Americans endure difficulties in controlling bladder function something vast numbers of them are not willing to disclose. Most of those afflicted are women, and they are not all elderly. There is a thus real and pressing need for books like these, which address the issue of incontinence in a compassionate manner and explain that most of these individuals can be cured, many quite easily, without surgery. It is also clear from both of these authoritative publications that incontinence must be viewed as an important medical problem, deserving the same attention as elevated blood pressure or an endocrine disorder. Newman, a nurse who is codirector of the Penn Center for Continence and Pelvic Health at the University of Pennsylvania, previously wrote The Urinary Incontinence Sourcebook for consumers. Aiming this new book at nurses, social workers, and other healthcare professionals, she is strongly pragmatic, covering a long list of topics, from causes of incontinence to evaluation and therapy. There is also a chapter on self-care practices that will minimize urinary symptoms. The appendixes consist of tools for health professionals that can be used to train staff and educate patients; included are sections on how to prevent bladder infections, diet habits that can affect your bladder, bladder retraining, and other topics relating to mechanical devices used to reduce incontinence. The book is well referenced and includes a glossary as well as appendixes with useful ancillary information, e.g., a directory of manufacturers of products that aid in treating incontinence. In The Incontinence Solution, gynecologist Parker and his coauthors (a gynecologist and a health educator) also provide a comprehensive and reassuring approach to incontinence, but the advice is intended primarily for consumers/patients. The question-and-answer format allows for easy reading and reference and, after an initial discussion of causes and diagnosis, focuses on the wide range of available treatments for incontinence. Specific chapters also address childbirth and incontinence, interstitial cystitis, and defining and diagnosing prolapse. Anecdotal reports of patients’ experiences add interest and information. Also provided is a section on finding the right doctor. While both titles provide extensive coverage of the topic, Newman’s is the more scholarly and is highly recommended for health sciences libraries and for large public libraries. For its readability, Parker’s book is suggested for all consumer health collections. Linda M.G. Katz, MCP Hahnemann Univ. Libs., Philadelphia
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Judith Reichman, M.D. Medical Contributor, NBC’s *Today Show;* author of *Relax, This Won’t Hurt: Painless Answers to Women’s Most Pressing Health Questions* This book is excellent. *The Incontinence Solution* is an accessible, up-to-date guide that can help a wide range of women, from those who have mere “problems” during exercise to women who live in fear of being outside the toilet zone.
Nancy L. Snyderman, M.D. Medical Correspondent, ABC News Finally, real answers and hope for women who suffer from incontinence, without the hype of false promises and confusing medical jargon.

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