The Inn at Holiday Bay By Kathi Daley

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The Inn at Holiday Bay: Lantern in the Lighthouse By Kathi Daley


Book/Novel Author: Kathi Daley

Book/Novel Title: The Inn at Holiday Bay



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A heartwarming cozy mystery series about losing everything, taking a chance, and starting again.After suffering a personal tragedy Abby Sullivan buys a huge old seaside mansion she has never even seen, packs up her life in San Francisco, and moves to Holiday Bay Maine, where she is adopted, quite against her will, by a huge Maine Coon Cat named Rufus, a drifter with her own tragic past named Georgia, and a giant dog with an inferiority complex named Ramos. What Abby thought she needed was alone time to heal. What she ended up with was, an inn she never knew she wanted, a cat she couldn’t seem to convince to leave, and a new family she’d never be able to live without.In book 18 in the series, while on a date with Abby, Colt receives a call to check out a light inside an old abandoned lighthouse closed for renovations. The pair respond to the call only to find evidence of two trespassers, one of which is now dead.Meanwhile, Abby is swamped at the inn helping Georgia and Jeremy when the cast of a reality show check in. “Real Detectives” might just be a ‘small time’ competition hosted by the same local cable television station that airs Georgia’s cooking show, but the quarter million dollars in prize money represents a ‘big time’ payday causing the eight competitors who made it to the finals to take things quite seriously.
The ending seemed simplistic and contrived. It was time to end the book, so the author did. There is no change whatsoever from book to book and the characters have become bland and boring. Perhaps it is time to wrap the series and bid farewell to Holiday Bay.
I really enjoy reading this series. I love the characters, I can’t wait until the next book comes out. This series is a must rezd.
Kathi Daley writes the best cozys. Love the characters and the setting. I would love to own the Inn, live in this town and have these friends. The mystery are good. Romance gently in the air. And great furry friends too.
A very enjoyable mystery , it was very good ! I like the setting and the people , of course the critters !!
There is a very interesting topic in this edition of the Inn at Holiday Bay series. It’s not vacation or holiday time so when the producer of Georgia’s cooking show asked if he can use the inn for his Amazing Race type show, Abby and Grace are all for it. But let me tell you, the Whistler Galaway is no Phil. Phil would never purposely spill hidden secrets of his contestants just to get publicity. When a dead body is found in the lighthouse, everybody is a suspect. Even Sheriff Colt’s ex-girlfriend who is in town to interview for a job. As Abby and Colt work their way through the clues to solve the crime, the author brings the reader along with them step-by-step, clue-by-clue. Friendly townspeople, visitors, and Inn regulars make this series a great read. Mysteries with a lot of clues that point the main character in the direction of the solution are the best because the reader gets to solve right along with the amateur detective are so fun to read. And best of all I like a cozy where the sheriff/detective is not a bumbling curmudgeon that is not afraid to take advantage of clues someone else finds. #kindleunlimited #KathiDaley #HolidayBay #LanternInTheLighthouse
I’ve read a couple books now centered on reality shows. While I love the series and the author, I didn’t really enjoy that part of this book. I’m with the main character where I find them annoying. Lol The rest of the story line was very enjoyable and I look forward to the next book in the series.


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