The Joy of Hex By Amanda M. Lee

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The Joy of Hex (A Moonstone Bay Cozy Mystery Book 9) By Amanda M. Lee


Book/Novel Author: Amanda M. Lee

Book/Novel Title: The Joy of Hex



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Hadley Hunter is living the good life until a group of authors shows up on Moonstone Bay, and one of them clearly has murder on their mind.Jasmine Riley was the lone female writer in a male-dominated genre, and she was on top of her game. When she winds up dead in the ditch on the highway outside of the city, suspicion turns to her competition. There’s just one problem … the culprit might be supernatural.Hadley not only finds the body but is injured in the aftermath, catching a glimpse of a door to another world before losing consciousness. Did the head injury cause her to hallucinate, or was it something more?Galen taps Hadley to be his partner on the case, convinced that’s the best way to keep her from finding trouble. Unfortunately for both of them, plane doors are starting to open all over the island, and with them come monsters from another world. That means trouble continuously finds them.Plane doors are forbidden on Moonstone Bay, but somebody doesn’t care about the rules. Hadley is determined to find answers … and she gets help in the form of Bay Winchester, a Michigan witch on her honeymoon with FBI Agent Landon Michaels. Together, they start digging … and find that not all monsters are obvious.Someone is controlling the plane doors. That someone is putting everyone on the island at risk. Hadley is determined to find out who … and stop them. Along the way, she will find new friends … and maybe even the ever-elusive shark shifter she’s been dying to cross paths with.It’s a meeting of powerful witches and a battle for the ages. Strap in and enjoy the ride.
I love Bay, and I love Hadley. They’re some of my favorite characters by this author. But the thing that’s bugging me most about this story and how it and a couple others tie into the other books in this universe is the ghost problem. Bay’s methods of dealing with ghosts go against the Reapers. The island is supposed to have its own Reaper, even a temporary one after a previous book, but somehow there’s a necromancer working on the island and no Reaper comes by to see what’s up or reap the ghost of the dead author. I did like the twist of the mystery. I just think that Ms. Lee may be trying to connect too many worlds together that don’t quite fit right. The Winchesters, much as I adore them, probably shouldn’t be in the same “universe” as the Reapers.
I like the idea of combining characters from two series of books. Love the Winchesters, Landon and Chief Terry. I am newer to the Moonstone Bay series but like those characters as well.
Another great Moonstone bay book that keep me interested the whole time. I love the character’s new and old. They add so much depth to the story and Amanda seems to have a knack for afding just the right character to leep you wanting more. I recommend if you enjoy adventure, paranormal, love, friendship and kicking butt!
Hadley and Galen are enjoying their life together and have settled into a comfortable routine with each other. The island is hosting a Science Fiction writer’s convention when Bay and Landon (from Wicked Witches of the Midwest) come to visit for their honeymoon. Trouble starts when Hadley finds a body on her way to visit her grandfather. It’s not just a body though, as Hadley climbs down the ditch to investigate a plane door opens releasing a strange shadow monster that attacks her leaving her with a leg injured and unconscious. No one believes Hadley about the plane doors. But with more plane doors opening Galen must accept that Hadley was telling the truth. The DDA starts gunning for Hadley, believing she’s to blame, so Hadley will need to draw everyone together to find out who is trying to hurt her. Amanda M. Lee has an easy-to-read writing style that I genuinely enjoy and can’t get enough of. The story is beautifully written and keeps the action flowing. I look forward to the next installment in this series.
Loved the snark, light romances, believable storytelling, and beloved characters from other series. Now I’m going to re-read the others all over
I guess this is the last book for a while since it’s the last one in the series that’s been written hopefully another one will come out soon. And this one Hadley gets to me Bay Winchester who is there on her honeymoon with Landon. In this one there’s a lot of mystery a lot of stuff happening that Hadley didn’t even know could happen.. just said there’s not a number 10 yet. Hopefully there will be soon all of these books were really great I enjoyed them all.


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