The Kiss List By Maya Hughes

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The Kiss List (Fulton U Rivals) By Maya Hughes


Book/Novel Author: Maya Hughes

Book/Novel Title: The Kiss List



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If I were on fire, she’d break out the marshmallows.It’s not that we don’t like each other, more like hate with the fury of a thousand suns. But it wasn’t always that way.I still remember how her lips tasted. How they felt pressed against mine. How I wanted more.How I still crave her. Our disastrous night together ended with her storming out, me wondering if I’d ever be able to show my face on campus again and us as bitter enemies.When a campus competition is announced to find the most in love couple, she’s the last person I thought I’d turn to for help. But the prize could change both our lives. An internship for her and a chance to finally connect with my father. It’s too hard to resist. Just like her heated glares and tempting curves.To win, we’ve got to prove to everyone we’re a couple. Head over heels, can’t keep our hands off each other in love. Fake the hell out of it for our chance at glory.Maybe we’re a little too good at selling it to the whole campus because the lines haven’t just been blurred, they’ve gone up in flames.Can I convince her I want us to be together for real and keep the prize? Or will I lose them both?A Fulton U Rivals standalone set on a brand new campus, St. Francis U.
Ok here we go. I still feel like I’m cheating on FU with this series. Won’t stop me from reading them but maybe by saying it out loud will help with the guilt? This was a really good book there was just one little problem, what about the playbooks? Personally I thought the coach was let go after the first book? What is it going to take to get him gone? Perhaps after the next one he’ll be gone? Back to this book, I really liked it & thought it was amazing that it took her little sister to see reason. I liked her funky & take no crap attitude but sometimes it’s the younger one who can we reason. Would recommend if you’ve read the first & if you’re ok with cheating on the FU campus.
I usually enjoy Maya’s books, but I struggled with this one. I actually quit a couple of times but finally went back to finish it.The ending is good, and there are quite a few poignant moments between Kennedy and Cole, but sometimes it felt like the angst and the words to convey it were pushed. She can still tell a good story, but this definitely was not one of my favorites.Parents can really do a number on a person growing up. Cole’s dad’s refusal to claim him and Kennedy’s parents who have a loud and contentious relationship shape how they work their relationship. It’s nice the way they work it out.
Wow, just wow! I really have fallen for this series. Cole and Kennedy were meant to be. I love the insight to Cole as a young Boy and how much he needed a father. Kennedy showed such strength and perseverance. She knew what she needed and did everything in her power to get it. I love how she would do anything for Hannah. Wait to hear about Ezra
I loved Cole and Kennedy’s story. I like when authors add characters that are full sized too. I’m loving this series.
Cole and Kennedy’s story and enemies to lover fake relationship is one you want to read, the second installment in the series is extremely entertaining and will have you rooted to the spot reading until the end.
Cole and Kennedy’s story started strong. I enjoyed the enemies component. After a while the story felt flat for me. I still enjoyed the book but I expected a little more.


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