The Kitchen Witch By Wendy Wang

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The Kitchen Witch: Witches of Palmetto Point Book 11 By Wendy Wang


Book/Novel Author: Wendy Wang

Book/Novel Title: The Kitchen Witch

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When a monster plants a seed…you can be sure he’ll reap the harvest.Eight years ago, Jen Holloway fell in love with the man of her dreams. But when she found out she was carrying his child and that he’d cast a love spell to win her, she learned the truth about how dangerous he really was. To escape him, she fled to the only safe place she knew – Palmetto Point.There she built a life for herself and her daughter, along with a wall of protection she thought was unbreakable… until the monster showed up wanting to meet the child he rejected. Jen doesn’t trust his motives and with good reason. He’s one of the most powerful sorcerers in the country, and what a sorcerer wants, he gets.Now Jen must find a way to expose him for what he is and protect her family at all costs. If she doesn’t, it’s more than her life on the line. It’s her daughter’s.The Kitchen Witch is the eleventh book in the Witches of Palmetto Point series. If you like books filled with supernatural suspense including ghosts, reapers, demons, psychics, and witches then you’ll love this series. Pick up your copy today and buckle into this addictive ride, because once you start reading you won’t put it down.Other books by Wendy WangHaunting CharlieWayward SpiritsDevil’s SnareThe Witch’s LadderThe HarbingerShadow ChildCaptive SoulsNatural Born WitchBad OmensEnduring SpiritsThe Kitchen Witch The Green Witch (Coming 2021)The Glamour Witch (Coming 2021)

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