The Knowledge Solution – Australian History By Anna Clark

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The Knowledge Solution – Australian History: What Place Does History Have in a Post-Truth World? By Anna Clark


Book/Novel Author: Anna Clark

Book/Novel Title: The Knowledge Solution – Australian History

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What can we learn from recurring events across the recent history of Australia, of colonisation, nationalism, racism, fighting on foreign shores, land booms, industrial campaigns and culture wars? Arguments about the discipline of Australian History, from thinkers across the ideological and historical spectrum, are distilled in these extracts and essays. The Knowledge Solution- Australian History is the second collection in a series that draws from the remarkable books published by Australia’s oldest university press. Contributors include- Bain Attwood, Geoffrey Blainey, Michael Cannon, Raffaello Carboni, Manning Clark, Peter Cochrane, James Curran, Mark Davis, Alexandra Dellios, Richard Evans, Michele Grossman, Marcia Langton, Helen MacDonald, Stuart Macintyre, Janet McCalman, Mark McKenna, Lisa Palmer, Ray Parkin, Rachel Perkins, Robert Reynolds, John Rickard, Kathryn Shain, Peter Spearritt, Peter Sutton, Rebe Taylor, Maureen Tehan, David Unaipon, Jo Wainer, Stuart Ward, Ellen Warne, Myra Willard and Alexis Wright.

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