The Lake Pagoda By Ann Bennett

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The Lake Pagoda: A captivating story of love and loss in war-torn Indochina (The Oriental Lake Collection) By Ann Bennett


Book/Novel Author: Ann Bennett

Book/Novel Title: The Lake Pagoda



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From Ann Bennett, bestselling author of The Orphan House, comes The Lake Pagoda, a captivating story of love and loss set in war-torn Indochina.Perfect for fans of Dinah Jeffries and Victoria Hislop.French Indochina 1945: Arielle, the daughter of a French father and Vietnamese mother, is working for the colonial government. Because of her native blood, she’s spared imprisonment when the Japanese storm Hanoi. Forced to work for the enemy, Arielle is contacted by a Viet Minh agent, who threatens to expose her dark secrets from ten years before if she doesn’t help his cause.As Arielle is drawn deeper into the rebels’ dangerous world, will she ever escape the torment of her past? Or will she find love in the most unexpected of places?A novel of love, loss, and survival against all odds.Praise for Ann Bennett“Brilliant: I loved this book and believed in the characters immediately…Didn’t want it to finish and several hours after reading the last line, it’s still going round in my head. Great book!” Five Stars Amazon reviewer“I raced through this book in just over twenty-four hours. I literally could not put it down…’ Bibilobeth Goodreads“Unputdownable: This was an engrossing read. I love how Ann Bennett crafts a story. Highly recommended.” Five Stars. Amazon reviewer.“Fabulous!!!!!! One of the very best books I’ve read! Really keeps your interests piqued… Absolutely loved, loved, this story!” Five Stars. Goodreads reviewer
I love reading Ann Bennett’s historical novels of Southeast Asia during WWII. It’s not a part of history that I know well so her novels have expanded my understanding. During the mid-1970s I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia and experienced the lingering anti-Japanese sentiment from their brutality during the war, but I did not appreciate then how widespread the terror was during WWII.I highly recommend any books by Ann Bennett!
This book takes you to a time and place often forgotten the suffering of people expelled from their own lands very well researched and written.
. The Lake Pagoda” was a beautifully written and evocative book. Its focus is on Arielle, a half-French, half-Vietnamese young woman in French colonial Indochina The book’s special strength strength, I thought, was its pitch-perfect rendering of Arielle during the different phases of her life. The naive eighteen-year-old’s perspective comes through with simple narrative and cadence. As she becomes aware of the exploitation and cruelty of the French colonials, the narrative becomes tauter, conveying her anger and her desire to do something to mitigate. With the Japanese occupation and her subsequent time spent as an insurgent in the hills, the narrative takes on a different cadence as she fights with herself to overcome her principles to kill for a cause. The contrasting time frames are strongly rendered as we experience Arielle’s high ideals and principles challenged by the exploitation and cruelty of the time. A wonderful, highly recommended book.
Ann Bennett has done it again! Such a wonderful mix of history, life during war time, coming of age, and a bit of romance thrown in. What a great read!The Lake Pagoda takes us into the life of Arielle, half French and half Vietnamese, as she experiences an early teenage, arranged marriage, witnesses the degradation of fellow Vietnamese countrymen, reluctantly aids the Viet Minh by copying Japanese intel ,and becoming a freedom fighter being trained by the Americans.In the mix is a love story, compassion, heart-ache, loss, betrayal and horror all in the midst of the French Colonial rule of Vietnam. Bennett gives us a small history Indochinese lesson while watching young Arielle grow from a shy teen to a sharpshooter patriot.My favorite of Bennett’s writings!!
Loved learning about different countries eg Vietnam Paris etcQuite well researched and I felt I knew everyone personally. Great
I loved this book. It’s the sort of book you want to know how it ends but at the same time you really don’t want it to end. If you have enjoyed Ann Bennett’s other books then you will definitely enjoy this one too.


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