The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound 2 By Noret Flood

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The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound 2: A LitRPG Adventure By Noret Flood


Book/Novel Author: Noret Flood

Book/Novel Title: The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound 2



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The System has taken the Earth, but all is not lost.With the advantage of the mix-up of starting in the Dungeon, Randidly has been able to found a Village for survivors to gather. With their growing forces, they’ve begun to nurture other outposts of humanity, teaching them the hard-earned lessons he paid for in blood and sweat.Yet the tests thrown at them by the System are not yet done.The Village’s tribulation lurks in nearby Turtletown, fleeing a direct confrontation and wearing many faces. Hordes of monsters gather, preparing to strike when they least expect it. Most worryingly, unsavory characters begin to emerge from amongst the survivors, taking advantage of the chaos to benefit themselves.Amidst this storm, a message comes from Shal. Randidly’s teacher needs his assistance to protect the legacy of his family. With the help of Lyra Silver, he hatches a daring plan to finally catch the slippery Tribulation, once and for all.Because even if it takes him to an alien world and requires him to trust the safety of the Village to other survivors, Randidly Ghosthound always pays his debts.Book 2 of the hit LitRPG Fantasy series with over 50 Million views on Royal Road is here!About the Series: Experience a particular flavor of LitRPG/GameLit, where Skill growth and the Path System allow individuals to tailor their growth toward infinite possibilities. There are Classes, Skills, Levels, and Rarities that will feel familiar to any connoisseur of role-playing games. Follow Randidly as he balances his growing power with the worrisome ripples of his existence. The System doesn’t discriminate; when he is ready for more dangerous threats, the rest of humanity better be ready, too. Those who have read the web-novel when it was available online can experience the saga the way it was always meant to be told, fully revised and re-edited, and with tons of new material!
Just finished reading the 2nd book in this trilogy by author Noret Flood.The Title of the three books in this series are:1. Legend of Randidly Ghosthound: Book 12. Legend of Randidly Ghosthound: Book 23. Legend of Randidly Ghosthound: Book 3The author’s writing style really makes you care about the characters in the story.The book was well written, and held my attention, until I got to the half-way mark in the book.The MC is named Randidly Ghosthound, is teleported from Earth to a planet, where his former mentor (Shal) resides.The last half of the book introduces a whole new set of charcaters, that interact with the MC named Randidly Ghosthound.If this author wanted to spend that much of the 2nd book on Shal, he should have written a separate book, or a separate series.I kept waiting for the storyline to return the MC back to Earth, and all the people who were critical to the first book and a half.There was never any mention of these original characters, until the last paragraph of the 2nd bookI assume that was to hook you into buying he 3rd book in the series. A real disappointment for me.
I greatly enjoyed the first Ghosthound book, and I loved the first half of this one. Then things got … weird. There was a radical style shift half-way through the book (not unlike Randidly leaving the Dungeon in the first one), but it doesn’t mesh well at all. It was a dramatic genre departure, something like 90% of the characters don’t make another appearance, huge powers leaps occur in a span of pragraphs, and Randidly undergoes some major emotional changes that are frankly disconcerting. Maybe there is a point to the change, and things will settle down later on, but I’m not sure that I’ll be there to read it.
The story continues with randidly at the forefront but we do see improvement in many characters. We are also shown the world Shal is from and given more insight into the system
I really want this series to be good. I think the author could make a good series, but not this time.MC is still autistic 70-85% of the time, then he busts out standard human interaction here and there. This isn’t how people on the spectrum work…. It’s never stated that he’s on autistic, but it’s the only thing that makes sense with his behavior most of the time. Granted it’s still like 2 autistic personalities and an occasional regular personality.MC still chugs potions like there’s no limit to them. He wins fights because he has an unlimited supply that he makes off screen. There was literally a fight between him and a boss where they both chugged potions, but Randidly had more. No potion sickness, no diminishing returns, not even an overwhelming need to pee after drinking what must be gallons of potions. Seriously, even if it’s basically a shot glass of liquid per potion, he’s still chugging gallons of the stuff.Then there’s the town growth. First the town’s military is filled with unstoppable killing machines with precision training (after 3 weeks, how is this even remotely possible). Then the next chapter comes along and they’re useless rabble, because the plot needs some to die. Then another chapter goes by and they’re all gods of war again.The author tries to come up with a reason to force people to take a class but it’s clearly an afterthought. The bonuses from classes are completely useless, they wouldn’t be any more powerful than non-classers in this book. Leveling up gives a minimal amount of stat points, far less than the non-classers would get from all the paths. The bonus health, stamina, and mana are the main bonus from classes, but that’s completely negated by the endless supply of potions that they pump out.

I really enjoyed starting this series. I’m already looking forward to getting book 3. Enjoy the intricacies, storyline and the engrossing characters.


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