The Lobotomist’s Wife By Samantha Greene Woodruff

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The Lobotomist’s Wife: A Novel By Samantha Greene Woodruff


Book/Novel Author: Samantha Greene Woodruff

Book/Novel Title: The Lobotomist’s Wife



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An enthralling historical novel of a compassionate and relentless woman, a cutting-edge breakthrough in psychiatry, and a nightmare in the making.Since her brother took his life after WWI, Ruth Emeraldine has had one goal: to help those suffering from mental illness. Then she falls in love with charismatic Robert Apter—a brilliant doctor championing a radical new treatment, the lobotomy. Ruth believes in it as a miracle treatment and in Robert as its genius pioneer. But as her husband spirals into deluded megalomania, Ruth can’t ignore her growing suspicions. Robert is operating on patients recklessly, often with horrific results. And a vulnerable young mother, Margaret Baxter, is poised to be his next victim.Margaret can barely get out of bed, let alone care for her infant. When Dr. Apter diagnoses her with the baby blues and proposes a lobotomy, she believes the procedure is her only hope. Only Ruth can save her—and scores of others—from the harrowing consequences of Robert’s ambitions.Inspired by a shocking chapter in medical history, The Lobotomist’s Wife is a galvanizing novel of a woman fighting against the most grievous odds, of ego, and of the best intentions gone horribly awry.
The Lobotomist’s Wife took me in from the first page! Just the type of book for a casual reader such as myself.
The title and subject matter gave me hope, but the book let me down. Though the story moves pretty well, the dialogue is immature, especially tge male characters’. I skipped a lot of it because it reminded me of bad 70s romance novels. I wish it had been better.
Along with Ruth’s story we get POV from Margaret, who is suffering from what was once called “baby blues” aka post-partum depression, and her decision to turn to a lobotomy to cure her. I kept having to remind myself while reading that these events were taking place in the 1950’s, and it made me horribly sad to read not only about Margaret’s struggles, but those who did have mental illness and the lengths they – or their family – would go to in attempts to cure them. I enjoyed that both Ruth and Robert were written as those who really did have the best intentions – but we see what can happen when ego and ambition begin to clash with those intentions. A novel that will make you think, feel and want to chat more about the storyline with those around you, I highly recommend The Lobotomist’s Wife. I received a review copy
This book was great and the author did brilliant research on the subject. Not enough history is known about the lobotomy nor the “quick pic” ice pick lobotomy. This is one way to get the history out there. Using fiction as a base and researching the truth about lobotomies and the Physicians involved. Their names are changed but look up the history and the findings are similar. The book is based on true events and operations performed.
This is a very good book, covering the controversial subject of lobotomy. It was interesting and kept me coming back to read more. I recommend it.
I found the storyline plausible & interesting.. An informative look back into past mental health treatment that was abandoned only long after they proved worse than the malady they were treating. Why the delay? Pride and a refusal to see the truth.


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