The Long-Forgotten Winter King By Annette Marie

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The Long-Forgotten Winter King (The Guild Codex: Unveiled Book 2) By Annette Marie


Book/Novel Author: Annette Marie

Book/Novel Title: The Long-Forgotten Winter King



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Everyone is keeping secrets. Zak won’t reveal what really happened between us ten years ago. Ríkr’s been hiding so much I scarcely recognize him anymore. But the biggest secret belongs to my parents, and it’s the one I’m most desperate to unravel. Finding out who they really were, and who I am, means solving their eighteen-year-old murders. For reasons unknown, Zak decides to join me—and that makes me nervous, especially when the trail leads us into the most dangerous fae territory in the lower mainland. The questions keep piling up, but as I realize too late, my parents’ killer is no mystery. He’s been lying in wait all along. But not for me. I’ve led Zak and Ríkr into a hell with no escape, and I need more than answers now. I need power—because without it, none of us will make it out alive. –From the author of the best-selling Guild Codex books comes a new series that delves into the dark, dangerous world of druids and fae alongside two ravaged souls who may be exactly what the other needs … if they don’t kill each other first. Unveiled can be read as a standalone series or in conjunction with other Guild Codex series. For the full reading order, visit Annette Marie’s website. –The Guild Codex: UnveiledThe One and Only Crystal Druid (#1)The Long-Forgotten Winter King (#2)The Twice-Scorned Lady of Shadow (#3) More series in the Guild Codex world:The Guild Codex: SpellboundThe Guild Codex: DemonizedThe Guild Codex: Warped
The Long-Forgotten Winter King (The Guild Codex: Unveiled Book 2), by Annette Marie, continues the saga of Saber Rose Orien, and her choice of using her druid strengths, and her confused relationship with the Crystal Druid. Most important to this story is Rikr, Sable’s ‘familiar.’ As a confidant, a listener, a guider, and a constant in Sable’s life for the psst 7 years, his importance grows as this story unwinds. Good and evil are once again questioned, while earthly warmth and frozen fears unravel and provide many new fae forces. Some that present themselves to these druids, and some that reveal long ago secrets. What don’t change, are the depths of colorful emotions that provide the formidable energy that Sable, and Zak, have deep inside. It is hard to label this book a paranormal romance-even though it is, because there is so much MORE happening with every character that we come across.
Loved this installment of Unveiled. We find out what happened to Saber’s parents and get a little more info on Zak’s history. We get the story of the Winter King from his rise to fall and who’s he’s hiding from. Again the sexual tension between Saber and Zak heats up but gets interrupted again! Also when will Saber talk to Zak about their past?! Kit helps Saber find a new guild. I can’t wait for the next installment!!!
I love all the Guild Codex books, but for some reason I am especially digging these. I can’t wait for the next one!
Ok, I’m just going to say it plain and straight- I do not like Saber! She had better step up her game soon! That being said, I really enjoyed hanging with Zac again! I found the Winter King quite fascinating and even the Lady of Shadows gained some favor in this book! I really love how Annette Marie weaves the elements of a story! Can’t wait to see what happens next!
Zak has always been a favorite character, and the more we learn about him the more I like him. Saber really pulls at my heartstrings. She’s been abused and manipulated so much in life that the mother in me wants to give her a big hug although I’m pretty sure she’d stab me if I tried. The more I read of this story, the more I want. I’m eagerly awaiting book 3.
Annette Marie spins magical takes from the ether, and this book is no exception. I have found many new authors (new to me anyway) that I love, and Annette Marie is one of top.


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