The Love of My Life By Rosie Walsh

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The Love of My Life: A Novel By Rosie Walsh


Book/Novel Author: Rosie Walsh

Book/Novel Title: The Love of My Life



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GOOD MORNING AMERICA BOOK CLUB PICK “Rosie Walsh’s The Love of My Life is my favorite kind of thriller—gripping, heartbreaking and impossible to put down.”—Laura DaveFrom the New York Times bestselling author of Ghosted comes a love story wrapped in a mystery: an up-all-night page-turner with a dark secret at its coreI have held you at night for ten years and I didn’t even know your name. We have a child together. A dog, a house. Who are you?Emma loves her husband Leo and their young daughter Ruby: she’d do anything for them. But almost everything she’s told them about herself is a lie.    And she might just have got away with it, if it weren’t for her husband’s job. Leo is an obituary writer; Emma a well-known marine biologist. When she suffers a serious illness, Leo copes by doing what he knows best – researching and writing about his wife’s life. But as he starts to unravel the truth, he discovers the woman he loves doesn’t really exist. Even her name isn’t real.    When the very darkest moments of Emma’s past finally emerge, she must somehow prove to Leo that she really is the woman he always thought she was . . .    But first, she must tell him about the other love of her life.
I was so tired of beginning books and being bored. This stopped as I began reading this fun, delightful, and intriguing book. I couldn’t put it down. Loved it!
This is the first book I have read by this author. It was a lovely book that had a mysterious past mixed into a love story.
I gave this four stars because for the most part it did hold my interest. It got a little bogged down with a lot of drama & for some parts felt I was reading a soap opera.
Interesting writing format, now the 2nd British author I’ve read this month Where each chapter (mostly) 1 character has a say, next chapter the other leading character tells their side or point of view and the book goes back and forth. Except this one goes back years when it flips. Then a month or then same time frame. It kept my interest. It was a nice story with twists and turns not quite expected. Not sit on the edge of my chair but still kept me wanting to read the book instead of doing other things. It had a nice ending, wrapping the story up instead of letting the end fall apart as if the author didn’t know how to wrap it up. There is a villain and that person doesn’t really show until the story pieces are finally coming together, a nice was of keeping one’s interest and not figuring out the entire story until nearly the last pages. No surprise ending, “I didn’t see that one coming” ending. I would highly recommend this book especially for a vacation read.
I think it was boring and too far-fetched. The writing style was too slow for me. And the story was predictable.
Four star rating as compared only with other books of its genre that were a total waste of time. (Well in a way, beach-reads are almost by definition a waste of time, but at least with this one, I didn’t want to sue to get back the time I spent reading it.) Four stars because the characters were all reasonably likable; there was a pretty good plot twist; and there were no gratuitous sex scenes.


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