The Magnificent M.D. By Carol Grace

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The Magnificent M.D. By Carol Grace


Book/Novel Author: Carol Grace

Book/Novel Title: The Magnificent M.D.

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Hayley Bancroft’s small hometown needed a doctor desperately—and Sam Prentice, prestigious M.D., fit the bill. Years ago he’s been the boy from the wrong side of the tracks—and Hayley had loved him beyond all reason. Though they’d been cruelly driven apart, time hadn’t eroded the memory of Sam’s loving touch and fiery kisses…

Sam had long ago decided his life would be about gaining power, not love. Now he was respected, sought-after, rich-and wholly satisfied. Shockingly, reencountering his first love stirred up feelings he’d cemented over…desires left unfulfilled. But he was a man who’d built his life on needing no one…except Hayley…?

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