The Marquess of Mischief By Anna St. Claire

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The Marquess of Mischief (The Rakes of Mayhem Book 2) By Anna St. Claire


Book/Novel Author: Anna St. Claire

Book/Novel Title: The Marquess of Mischief



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A chance at love could cost them their lives.Welcome to book 2, Marquess of Mischief by USA Today Bestselling author Anna St. Claire.As a second son, Christopher Anglesey never planned to become the Marquess of Banbury. However, his brother’s death forced him to assume the title and its responsibilities. Still, he refuses to relinquish his dangerous job with the Crown or marry. His job requires he maintains a presence at most ton events. However, Christopher avoids the marriage-minded mommas and their vapid daughters. On the heels of a successful first Season, a carriage accident on the way home from London leaves Lady Diana Lawrence blind. She resigns herself to a life without love or marriage and still attends ton gatherings only to please her mother—who still believes love will find her daughter. While attending a museum tour with her best friend, Diana overhears plans to kill the Prince Regent, placing her in the crosshairs of a killer.Christopher’s assignment brings him to the museum, where he discovers a beautiful young woman desperate to escape and recognizes her as his sister’s best friend. She may be the one person who can help save the Prince Regent’s life. Sparks fly as he tries to protect her and find a killer.Can they survive the danger that pursues them and gain a chance at love neither thought could happen?Read Free in Kindle Unlimited!The Rakes of MayhemThe Earl of ExcessThe Marquess of MischiefThe Duke of Disorder
An entertaining and creative story. Suspense and romance are skillfully blended. With interesting characters this is an enjoyable departure from the average Regency.
I have enjoyed Anna St. Claire’s books in the past and this was no different. The description of a young woman dealing with blindness due to a carriage accident was both unusual for a regency novel and, believable.
It was a nice clean romance but a little corny. But it was still a good book, one I hope to read again.
The premise was interesting; however the execution was flat. The dialog was stilted, dry, and frankly uninteresting. I got 1/3 if the way through and just did not have enough connection with the characters to continue.
My Recommendation I loved the premise of this book. Blind girl gets HEA. The book started out fast, but kind of got bogged down a bit. The conversations tended to be stilted, like they were reading from a script with no emotion. I loved the rescue as well! Overall, a very entertaining read, a couple of laugh out loud moments, and love wins!
The story was tense almost from the beginning, including some interesting twists. The courting scenes were a bit hokie but all in all good reading.


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