The Marriage Debt By Clarissa Wild

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The Marriage Debt (Dark Mafia Romance) By Clarissa Wild


Book/Novel Author: Clarissa Wild

Book/Novel Title: The Marriage Debt



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She ran from the mafia prince.But he won’t stop until she’s his wife.I’m Luca De Vos.Heir to one of the most powerful mafia empires in the Netherlands.Notorious mobster with a wicked taste for girls.But there’s only one woman I truly wanted.Jill Baas, mafia princess and the only woman who doesn’t want me.She did the unforgivable and then ran away.Now I’ll marry her sister.Until Jill storms right back into my arms on our wedding day…Begging me to marry her instead.It’s a dream come true for a depraved s*nner like me.Jill Baas—the runaway bride—mine to mark, own, taint.My wife.I’ll put my ring on her finger…And turn her world into a living nightmare.The Marriage Debt is a jaw-dropping dark mafia romance and can be read as a standalone. WARNING: This book includes scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.
Clarissa Wild never disappoints!!!!! I absolutely love her! This book brings all the feels! Jill ran away for three years. She’s hidden from her family but most importantly, she hid from Luca. Luca devises a plan to bring Jill out of hiding… Will it work? Will Jill come out of hiding? Will she fall for Luca’s plan? Will they ever realize they love one another???
I didn’t like The Marriage Debt nearly as much as the prequel. There was too much yelling, shrieking, hate, and angry sex. I didn’t feel like the protagonists had any depth of emotion – it all seemed superficial. Scenes were cut in from the prequel. Behind all the static, though, there IS a good story.
Wow, if you’re into hot and steamy mafia story with intrigue and romance, this is the book for you! This is my first by Clarissa Wild and she has hooked, lined and sunk me into her world. I haven’t read too many mafia books, but I will be reading more after this book. The Marriage Debt captured my interest from the beginning all the way to the last page. Luca and Jill set these pages on fire!
I love, love, love this story! Before you start this, you have to finish The Wedding Debt (the prequel) to get the proper backstory between the De Voss and the Baas families. When she learns her sister Jasmine is being forced to take her place and marry Luca De Voss Jill rushes home after being on the run and hiding for the last three years. The last thing she wants is to marry Luca, but can’t stomach her sister being punished in her place. The De Voss family demands revenge but the only thought on Lucas mind is how soon he can take Jill to bed, he’s been obsessed with her for years. This is a Netherlands Mafia, enemies to lovers, arranged marriage, dubious consent, dark romance. We get to know Luca and Jill and learn a lot of their actions stem from being defensive and trying not to get hurt but when they really spend time together they start to like who they married. This book has a crazy good twist at the end you will love that sets up the next book wonderfully!
This story absolutely glorifies abuse with no redeeming qualities for any of the characters, but I suppose that was the author’s intent. This genre is not for me.
This book had all the dark deliciousness that I absolutely love. The push and pull, and the twist and turns will keep you fixed to the pages.


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4.9/5309 ratings