The Mechanical Crafter – Book 3 By R.A. Mejia

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The Mechanical Crafter – Book 3 (A LitRPG series) (The Mechanical Crafter series) By R.A. Mejia


Book/Novel Author: R.A. Mejia

Book/Novel Title: The Mechanical Crafter – Book 3



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He was given another chance at life and from the infinite possibilities available he chose to come back as a mechanical man, a Metalman, named Repair.Repair has risked life and mechanical limb traveling through dungeon levels, fighting grotesque monsters, and even lost friends along the way. All to secure a chance to be a free citizen in this RPG fantasy world.Now, he has to train with strangers and unless he can whip them into shape and develop magical technology to help him win a fierce competition against teams that have trained for years, he’ll have to endure a lifetime as someone else’s property. Or worse, he’ll fall to the machinations of the mysterious forces that will do anything to stop him from winning.Full of action, adventure, and of course crafting. Join Repair on his adventure through this strange fantasy world where magic and technology meet. He’ll dive into the city’s dungeon to kill monsters for XP, and gather resources to figure out the solutions to his problems. Because if he doesn’t become more powerful, he’ll lose all the freedoms he’s fought so hard for.The Mechanical Crafter is a LitRPG adventure.
If language was cleaned up. R.A. Mejia would be my outstanding author choice of the last decade.I often download a Kindle book then search content for a couple of foul words. Books using F-words and such are immediately removed from my device. A large count of a couple of others will be handled the same.
While parts are a bus disconnect from the story the whole book leaves you hungry for more. So fourth helping please.
Stellar work once again from R A Mejia! Lots of action and adventure, dungeon delving and inventing! Looking forward to the next one!
Again, a decent story, decently told. For a guy with an int score of 16, though, the main character sure is dumb.
Overall a good story. This book wrapped up a majority of the plot threads making it a satisfying conclusion but enough unfinished ones that if the author wants to revisit the world, it should flow right into the next.Too many authors try to wrap everything in a duex ex machina or try to string everything out for an infinite series.
I read a lot of LitRPG but hadn’t focused much on crafting. After reading this series that will definitely change. Some grammar and wording errors but nothing you can’t quickly overlook. Very enjoyable!


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4.9/5309 ratings