The Medic By Anna Hackett

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The Medic (Norcross Security Book 8) By Anna Hackett


Book/Novel Author: Anna Hackett

Book/Novel Title: The Medic



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She’s a tough former soldier trying to resist the charming medic who’s going all in to claim her.Former Norwegian special forces soldier Siv Pedersen is making a new start in San Francisco. New country, new job at Norcross Security, and her new rule: no men. She’s left her annoying ex behind and her only goal is to prove herself in her new job, especially when she’s assigned to her own investigation.What she didn’t count on was having to work with one handsome, charming, and far-too-tempting former combat medic.After a career as an Air Force combat medic, Ryder Morgan is happy with his life. He likes working part time as a paramedic and donating the rest of his time at a free clinic in the toughest part of the city. He always thought finding “the one” wasn’t for him…until he sees gorgeous, tough Siv in a killer red dress.Now he’ll do anything to break through her prickly shell and convince her that he’s the man for her.As homeless people start dying, and Ryder loses a good friend, Siv and Ryder must work together to find a killer. Going undercover as husband and wife, they have to discover who’s preying on the city’s most vulnerable before more people die. As they uncover a vast web of lies, Ryder has his work cut out for him. Not only to find justice, but to prove to Siv that he’ll protect both her body and her heart.**Each book in this action-packed romance series can be read as a standalone.
The Medic is an awesome read. Siv is Norwegian special forces bad*ss working for Norcross Security. Ryder is a hairy chest, too hot, too charming medic. Their romance is pure steam. Love a strong female heroine. Hope we are going to get Cam’s story, pleeeese!
You’ll love it if your looking for a chick flick sort of soap opera that is a little cringy & pornographic. Not if you’re looking for a serious mystery or anything slightly resembling anything realistic. It may just be me, I think I may have outgrown romance novels that seem like the dreams of little girls.
Incredible hot sexy emotional romantic love story with all the gang,full of drama, humor, laughter, and so much love,told with the true characters of our soldiers and how much they suffered and gave up for their country,friends, and family and how hard some have getting back in to life! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
This book was amazing. Love Ryder and Siv together. Loved her bad assnes and how he jyst accepted her. A must read!!
Ryder is a flirt and ladies man. He can’t resist putting the moves on Siv, one of the newest members of Norcross Security. Siv is less than impressed and knocks him flat on his butt (literally). Former Swedish special forces Siv has no time or patience for men like Ryder. When her case involves one of Ryder’s patients, they join forces. They make a good team in and out bed. Another strong entry in the series.
Siv and Ryder are fantastic together. The focus on charm and shields and strength and military blend together in an entertaining package of chemistry and crime solving. Any book with Norcross is great and this was no exception. The men from Norcross have a woman in the team and Siv is fierce. Then the brothers we all know and love are here with Cam being a member of Norcross and Ryder being the focus of this story. Hunt also shows up for some great/funny lines.There is a blend of crime and romance. Suspense and action. I thought the similar military loss and the way they got to know each other was touching. Overall a great read and I can’t wait for Cams story!


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