The Mind of a Murderer By Katherine Ramsland

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The Mind of a Murderer: Privileged Access to the Demons That Drive Extreme Violence By Katherine Ramsland


Book/Novel Author: Katherine Ramsland

Book/Novel Title: The Mind of a Murderer



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The Mind of a Murderer: Privileged Access to the Demons That Drive Extreme Violence presents a series of cases in which a psychiatrist, psychologist, or counselor gained privileged access to a mass or serial murderer, going beyond the typical mental assessment to learn more about criminal behavior. Through their work, readers are granted a unique view of criminology and a better understanding of the criminal mind. The book opens with the earliest professional observations of criminals in the late 19th century and goes on to explore the rudimentary behavioral profiling and case analysis of the early 20th century. It shows how, by the 1960s and 1970s, behavioral professionals recognized the need for intense study of extreme offenders and got close to the likes of Richard Speck, John Wayne Gacy, and Ted Bundy to gain a fuller picture of their psychological development. Finally, readers learn how today’s behavioral professionals rely on neurobiological correlates to assess predatory, impulsive, and addictive behavior.Read more
Do not support this individual – her assessments are extremely inaccurate.She was probably brought up in a protected undoubtedly silver spoon childhood and has no clue what terrible and inhumane acts are brought on people generating them to become criminals.She thinks everyone has the ability to pull themselves out of this.She is a very ignorant person.Do not pad her pocket with your precious money!!
I have to disagree with the reader who gave this one star.True, Ramsland does not shrink from presenting (very concisely) the facts that earned each serial killer their name; nonetheless the weight of her presentation is on possible reasons (theory).Uniquely, she does not overtly inject her own theories; rather, she presents the theories of other experts, each of whom have had privileged access to a particular killer in question.I have done a very broad survey of the literature on this topic and have to commend Ramsland–her book is the only one I am aware of that collects the theories of experts on this subject and clearly and concisely puts each one of them to a critical examination in the light of the scientific method–empirical evidence.she chronologically presents these theories by experts, thereby allowing the reader to see where the theory started, how it developed, and where it is heading.Many may wonder why the need for books like these with their focus on the most depraved human beings.Simply put, any working theory of consciousness has to be able to explain these mysterious outliers–to all intents and purposes sane, but yet committing the most gruesome of acts, absent any explicit organizing ideology.I learned much from this book.For example, I thought I knew a lot about Ted Bundy.However, on reading the chapter on him in the book, realized I had missed much, this even though this chapter was less than 20 pages long.I recommend this book highly to other students who may be questing for an understanding of the nature of the human animal.
I checked this book out because I have always been interested in the abnormal mind and what could be more abnormal than the mind of a killer?The book is basically a collection of findings from psychologists who interviewed serial killers going as far back as the 1800s.I found the book to be much less informative about the actual psychology behind these vicious acts and more about recanting in vivid, revolting detail the things that these people did.It is basically masturbatory material for serial killers.Even if one can grit their teeth and get through the nasty parts, the book is very poorly written.The prose is awkward, disorganized, repetitive and amateurish.The real crime is that this book made it past the editors in this condition.
Easy to read and understand for any level student or practitioner, Ramsland’s books never disappoint and always provide great information for the practitioner, true crime buff, and student!


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