The Oceanography of the Moon By Glendy Vanderah

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The Oceanography of the Moon: A Novel By Glendy Vanderah


Book/Novel Author: Glendy Vanderah

Book/Novel Title: The Oceanography of the Moon



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A heartfelt novel of shedding secrets, facing the past, and embracing the magic of love and family by the Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Where the Forest Meets the Stars.After the untimely deaths of her aunt and mother, young Riley Mays moved from Chicago to her cousins’ Wisconsin farm. Here she found solace in caring for her extraordinary adoptive brother, exploring the surrounding wild nature, and gazing at the mystical moon—a private refuge in which she hides from her most painful memories. But ten years later, now twenty-one, Riley feels too confined by the protective walls she’s erected around herself. When a stranger enters her family’s remote world, Riley senses something he’s hiding, a desire to escape that she understands well.Suffering from writer’s block, bestselling novelist Vaughn Orr has taken to the country roads when he happens upon the accommodating, if somewhat unusual, Mays family. He’s soon captivated by their eccentricities—and especially by Riley and her quiet tenacity. In her, he recognizes a shared need to keep heartbreaking secrets buried.As the worst moments of their lives threaten to surface, Riley and Vaughn must find the courage to confront them if they’re to have any hope of a happy future. With the help of Riley’s supportive family, a dash of everyday magic, and the healing power of nature, can the pair let go of the troubled pasts they’ve clung to so tightly for so long?
Easy to read, love story, plot twist you don’t predict. Couldn’t stop reading it. Great characters the writer made you feel you knew them.
I loved it. All the characters were special and it created a hopeful perspective…very beautifully written. Off to read her other books!
Glenda Vanderah – amazing writer. She is a thoughtful, precise wordsmith who weaves thoughts into a painting of relationships blended into nature. She is a spinner of images, she is a story teller extraordinaire. This is a complicated story with diverse and interesting characters and personalities and switchbacks between them. We are told that there is magic and bits of stars in the dirt and it translates into the stories – you can smell it and see it. “The sky was a deep drink or black cola, an effervescence of stars that tingled all the way down.”Vanderah writes about damaged people. She writes about abuse and neglect but also about support and kindness. She swivels the mirror from the the ugliness to the beauty and back again. She never lets the reader forget that there are damaged people who are trying to heal and find their way. Much of the backstory is about the abusers and the protectors who propel those in the here and now to perfect their cover. There is an “age-old battle of good and evil” that persists throughout the story.This story is so well conceived, plotted, planned and executed the hurt is all the more powerful. Thank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for a copy.
This was a complicated and interesting story about living with hurts and lies. It is about family and forgiveness. The characters are unique and so very likeable. This book shows what moving on and not dwelling on negative things from the past can do for the future. I highly recommend this story.
The roller coaster of emotions this books had me go through was surprisingly unexpected. It kept me glued until the last pageThe author paints such beautiful sceneries and the characters can become friends.
Beautiful story of Magic and love. Just as in real life, the synchronicity of each Vaughn and Riley’s stories keep the reader engaged and yearning for the next chapter. Just when you think all is not going to have a happy ending, again the magic of clock parts and fossils pull the reader into a warm embrace and the grittiness of a tale of deception and tragedy takes on a glow to reveal that something beautiful can be born out of ugliness.


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