The Office Party By Whitney G.

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The Office Party (Holiday Homecoming Book 1) By Whitney G.


Book/Novel Author: Whitney G.

Book/Novel Title: The Office Party



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I can’t believe that I pulled my boss’s name for our company’s annual Secret Santa tradition…As the devil incarnate, this infuriating, cocky bastard never gives us the holidays off, and he honestly expects us to be grateful for his generous alternative: The Office Party.It’s a mandatory, all-expenses paid trip for two weeks at a surprise luxury resort—where we still have to work twelve to fifteen hours a day.I’m so over this…So, I put zero percent effort into his gift. I tear the tag off whatever my sister gifts me, add a five-dollar Amazon gift card, and hand it off to him.It’s not until my sister sends me a text that I realize how terrible of a decision that was.Georgia: Why haven’t you sent me a ‘LOL’ about the brand-new vibrator I got you? I really do hope that you use your boss’s face as a muse, like my note says. :-)If that’s not bad enough, this year’s “luxury trip” will be in my hometown–the place I’ve avoided for years. At the resort that my grandmother owns…If the universe gets me out of this, I will never ‘regift’ anything ever again…





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