The One Impossible Labyrinth By Matthew Reilly

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The One Impossible Labyrinth: A Jack West Jr Novel 7 By Matthew Reilly


Book/Novel Author: Matthew Reilly

Book/Novel Title: The One Impossible Labyrinth



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THE END IS HEREJack West Jr has made it to the Supreme Labyrinth.Now he faces one last race-against multiple rivals, against time, against the collapse of the universe itself-a headlong race that will end at a throne inside the fabled labyrinth.AN IMPOSSIBLE MAZEBut the road will be hard.For this is a maze like no other: a maze of mazes. Uncompromising and complex. Demanding and deadly.A CATACLYSMIC CONCLUSIONIt all comes down to this.For it ends here-now-in the most lethal and dangerous place Jack has encountered in all of his many adventures. And in the face of this indescribable peril, with everything on the line, there is only one thing he can do.Attempt the impossible.
The culmination of Jack West and his loyal friends! It was even more fun than the rest of the series. You deserve a rest on your rsnch.
As an ending to the story Arc of Jack West Jr., you get what you’ve come to expect from Matthew Reilly. If you choose to nit-pick or tear it apart…you could. If you’ve come this far through all 7 books, why would you? Take it for the thrill ride it is and enjoy it!
My rating system: 5 stars – Absolutely loved it! One of my favorite books and I would definitely read again anytime! 4 stars – Really liked it! Will most likely read again sometime. 3 stars – Liked it. Glad I read it but probably won’t read again, once was enough. 2 stars – Didn’t like it. Glad I’m done with the book and I’ll never read it again. 1 star – Very rare rating. Absolutely hated the book. Will never read again and I’ll probably burn any copies I come across.
What an ending to a wonderful series. Twists and turns will keep you reading and wondering, what could possibly happen next? Matthew Reilly did a wonderful job with this book keeping us entertained and on the edge of our seats. Sorry to see this series end, but looking forward to the next
Well unfortunately the trip is over.As series go this one was great,took a long time to complete for Mr Reilly he did a great job.Very thrilling ride,great characters,loved them all.Thank you Mr Reilly.Will await your next series.
This journey like all before and after must come to an end. But what a way to go out!!!! Loved every book and action packed moment.


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4.9/5309 ratings