The Opposite Attractions By Mary Smith

The Opposite Attractions (New Hampshire Bears Book 13) by Mary Smith, Kathy Krick

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Book/Novel Author: Mary Smith

Book/Novel Title: The Opposite Attractions

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Many years ago, they agreed to a purely sexual relationship. Nothing more. Nothing less. Mikayla Cramer’s long black hair, matching dark clothes, and blunt comments were a contradiction to her true self. She loved to knit, watch true crime documentaries, and wanted to be with Jarvis Richter, the New Hampshire Bears biggest manwhore. That is until his Alpha personality became too much to handle. Jarvis Richter lived up to the bad boy persona the media and social sites made him out to be. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth. He may dine with supermodels, but he dreamed of having only one woman on his arm instead. He kept many secrets, hoping no one would find them out, except for one person. He wanted Mikayla to know the “real” him, but she walked away from him. They say opposites attract, but do they?

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