The Ordeal of the Haunted Room By Jodi Taylor

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The Ordeal of the Haunted Room By Jodi Taylor


Book/Novel Author: Jodi Taylor

Book/Novel Title: The Ordeal of the Haunted Room

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A Christmas ghost story – Chronicles of St Mary”s style! For fans of Doctor Who and Jasper Fforde… and A Christmas Carol. Where better for the annual festive jump than the chance to experience a real Victorian Christmas?On the longest night of 1895, a terrible storm rages above Harewood Hall. Max, Markham and an injured Peterson are welcomed in by the Harewood family, but soon realise that, in true St Mary”s style, they couldn”t have arrived at a better moment. For tonight marks the Ordeal of the Haunted Room. Dum … dum … dum …Every Harewood heir must endure one terrifying night alone in the Haunted Room before he can inherit the family seat. Legend says that a ghost will murder anyone who isn”t the true successor.Henry Harewood”s ordeal will begin at midnight and end at dawn, but it isn”t long before everything goes horribly wrong… Readers love Jodi Taylor: ”Once in a while, I discover an author who changes everything… Jodi Taylor and her protagonista Madeleine “Max” Maxwell have seduced me””A great mix of British proper-ness and humour with a large dollop of historical fun””Addictive. I wish St Mary”s was real and I was a part of it””Jodi Taylor has an imagination that gets me completely hooked””A tour de force”

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