The Order By Jeremy Robinson

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The Order By Jeremy Robinson


Book/Novel Author: Jeremy Robinson

Book/Novel Title: The Order



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The Order is the first high-octane crossover novel in the INFINITE TIMELINE, a visionary collection of ten thrilling standalone books that all coalesce into a connected universe, followed by Khaos and Singularity.Mysterious gateways are appearing throughout the universe, bridging violent civilizations, leading to war, and sowing chaos. While some species succumb to the pandemonium, the Chut’un forge an unholy symbiotic relationship—The Order—with red Europhids, a vast hive intelligence populating the universe’s far reaches. Desiring structure and fearing the unknown, they cull everything opposed to their plan, including the Europhids’ blue counterparts, carrying out a galactic genocide until only one blue Europhid remains…inside Moses Montgomery, aka ‘Dark Horse.’As a Rapid Reaction Force Marine from 1989, Dark Horse and his team were sent 1000 years into the future where they defeated the Union, an evil fascist empire. Back in the present, after preventing the Union from ever forming, Dark Horse and his team of…unique operators from the past and the future are ready to kick back, listen to some tunes, and enjoy the timeline they saved.But as the last threat to The Order’s machinations, Dark Horse finds himself with an alien target on his back. Joined by Dan Delgado and Wini Finch (The Others), and Owen McCoy (Flux), the team attempts to understand the gates that first appeared in New Hampshire, and now in Antarctica. Despite their vast experience with the strange and otherworldly, none of them are prepared for what comes next. Three members of the team are abducted, whisked away to another planet. Alive or dead, no one knows.Dark Horse and his now rag-tag team struggle to track down their missing teammates while being hunted themselves. With the fate of his friends—and all of Earth—hanging in the balance, Dark Horse is forced to take insane risks, create chaos, and do anything to get his people back.TO SAVE HUMANITY……HE MUST SACRIFICE HIS OWN.Robinson is at his best when combining elements of science-fiction, horror, and edge-of-your-seat action, laced with unpredictable humor. The Order is the perfect marriage of these elements, telling a story that is, at times, moving, and at others, laugh-out-loud outrageous. The Order is pure entertainment from a New York Times and #1 bestselling author with an unparalleled imagination.
This book reminds me of Thor: Ragnarok. That movie could’ve been great, but the forced comedic reliefs and bantering turned the movie into a parody. It’s the same for this book. Dark horse personality works great in Exo Hunter, because he was a he only one with that personality. That book was able to maintain a serious tone while having some lighthearted moments with Darkhorse. This book however, has Darkhorse, Whinney, and Cassidy. They’re all essentially have the same wise-ass ball busting personality which is just too much. They interact quite a bit, and at some point, all you get is constant bantering back and forth. It completely takes you out of the story. What should’ve been a story driven narrative with darker tone is now a parody like teenage novel. I mean how do you go from The Others, Flux, The Dark to this? It was just too much silly jokes and pointless bantering. Please for the love of God, beak these characters up in your next book. These “avengers” casts are just too silly.
This crossover series is just getting more and more intense and FUN! Loving it and can’t wait for the next one! Highly recommend!
I absolutely love Robinson books and his plan to merge all these different books together into one universe is so very novel and just awesome!
I will say this book is a hoot to read. Pretty much nonstop action and alien kicking butt. The music flashbacks were a bit much but overall I really really enjoyed it
Well! Color me surprised No only is Dark Horse changing but every choice made has far reaching consequences. It would be simple to just go with the flow of the story but man… it was awesome We finally have all characters from previous books joining the fight for earth’s survival. And the last drop hint of Cherry Bomb was epic.The red Europhids have formed an alliance with the Chut’un. They betrayed their blue counterparts and committed genocide. Only reds are left and they are determined to end the greatest threat to them (HUMANS). Now our heroes must prepare for a war that is coming no matter what.It is possible to enjoy the book by itself but the previous stories made this one so much better. We see Cassie a little older and just as crazy We are also given background info of the oldest earth species to survive the end of the dinosaur era. They traveled to the stars and have evolved far from earth, thriving! Until they are invaded and again the wrong decision was made.Now I’ll just wait patiently until the next book comes out…
His last 8 books in this crossover have each been better then the one before. This one breaks the streak. It is good, but way too much humor, and way way too many characters, both good and bad. Still I can’t wait for the next one and then the ultimate one. (One book to top them all?)


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