The Other Side Of Midnight By GeorgiaLe Carre

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The Other Side Of Midnight By GeorgiaLe Carre


Book/Novel Author: GeorgiaLe Carre

Book/Novel Title: The Other Side Of Midnight



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An Intense seductive story and journey into the unknown, that shows us that even in the unlikeliest places true love can be found if only you trust your heart.  AutumnI moved to this tiny community by a mountain so I could train to become an artist. I spend my days working in an art showroom and my nights painting. Life is perfect until late one night a devilishly handsome,obscenely rich man with icy blue eyes walks into the shop.  I tell myself he is everything I detest about a man. That I hate him. It is easier to deal with hate than the dark emotions he provokes in me, but my body and my heart refuse to accept the lie my brain has devised for it. I begin to dream of his touch. As more time passes I realize there is nowhere to run. There is nowhere he will not pursue me. I surrender to the temptation…and little by little I become more and more entangled in his electric, secretive life.  But danger lurks…as everything is not as it seems. Soon I learn not even my wildest dreams could have prepared me for what I have stepped into.A Full Length Standalone Romance With HEA.





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