The Outlaw Cyborg By Honey Phillips

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The Outlaw Cyborg (Cyborgs on Mars) By Honey Phillips


Book/Novel Author: Honey Phillips

Book/Novel Title: The Outlaw Cyborg

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Can a cyborg ranger save Mars – and the woman who won’t admit she needs him?Everything Serena Gatling ever wanted was taken away from her by a single horrific act of betrayal. Determined never to fall victim again, she closes her heart and dedicates her life to a cold-blooded quest to regain the one thing that still matters to her. Sent to Mars by the ruthless corporation for which she works, Serena is finally within sight of her goal. The last thing she needs is a man distracting her. But the massive cyborg warrior who seems to know all of her hidden secrets awakens feelings she thought had died long ago.J-100 has never fit in – not as an orphan, not as a soldier, and definitely not as a cyborg. So when he is asked to take on an impossible mission with little chance of success, he has nothing to lose.Until he meets a beautiful woman and recognizes the pain hidden behind her icy exterior – and now the stakes couldn’t be higher. Evil forces are conspiring against the Martian colonists. Can Serena and J-100 work together to save the colony, even if it costs them everything?Each book in the Cyborg on Mars series can be enjoyed as a standalone romance. This sweet and steamy science fiction romance is intended for mature readers.

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