The Paid Bridesmaid By Sariah Wilson

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The Paid Bridesmaid: A Novel By Sariah Wilson


Book/Novel Author: Sariah Wilson

Book/Novel Title: The Paid Bridesmaid



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From Sariah Wilson, the bestselling author of Roommaid, comes a captivating romantic comedy about what happens when a wedding party mixes business with romance.Rachel Vinson is a bridesmaid for hire: part confidante, part wedding planner, and one hundred percent pretend BFF. Discretion guaranteed. Her next gig is a destination wedding—livestreamed and sponsored—for an Instagram influencer. That means a paradise of new contacts, which could be a boon to her already booming business. If Rachel can keep the very handsome and slightly too interested best man at bay, that is.High-tech entrepreneur Camden Lewis must know: Who is this gorgeous, intelligent, and mysterious woman? Too good to be real. Convinced she’s a corporate spy out to tank his company, Camden’s not letting her out of his sight. But the constant surveillance is also opening his eyes to things about Rachel that he likes. If she’s a spy, she’s certainly the cutest one he’s ever seen.As the week’s worth of wedding events march along, Rachel and Camden are learning almost everything there is to know about each other. Rachel’s made a career out of always a bridesmaid…but perhaps there’s a chance for her own trip down the aisle?
For all of those of us who still believe in romance and love conquers all! Loved this book! Great read!
I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was easy to read and it made me laugh at some of the ridiculousness of the situations. In my former life, I used to be a wedding photographer and some weddings go well, and others, well… there are issues. So the premise for this story to me was believable. I enjoyed the inner dialogue and banter going on in Rachel’s head, I found it believable because my own daughter has her own struggles in her head, and I can see this happening. As far as the complaint that the author did not develop the characters further, well the story was more about the wedding event, and how all the characters play into it. So for me, it was light-hearted, funny, a little romantic, and just enough sexy.
It was an easy enjoyable read . First time reading this author. I liked her style of story telling. I would definitely check out more of her books
Light and fun. A fast read that made me smile. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a happy ending.
This was a great fun light read! I thoroughly enjoyed it and would read again. Only thing I would change is that a few times the descriptions got long and wordy.


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