The Parisian Dancer By Doron Darmon

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The Parisian Dancer: A WW2 Historical Novel By Doron Darmon


Book/Novel Author: Doron Darmon

Book/Novel Title: The Parisian Dancer



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Based on a true story, this is an unforgettable novel about a brave woman and her heroic actions, which provided pure hope in a world of darkness.Paris, 1939: Marek and Annette, who escaped from Poland following the pogroms against the Jews, lead a simple and happy life in France’s capital, together with their two young children. Their Christian neighbor, Helena, an immigrant from Italy who dances at the Folies Bergère nightclub for a living, develops a close relationship with the couple, at the center of which is a secret affair with Marek.When the Nazis enter Paris, the family’s life, as well as Helena’s, is about to change. Marek embarks on a mission to arrange for his family’s escape but soon disappears without a trace. Annette realizes that time is not on her side, and surrenders her children to the protection of the Dubois family, owners of the neighborhood bakery.As the Nazis strengthen their hold on the city of Paris, aided by French collaborators, the Dubois family becomes exceedingly more anxious of their situation, until finally, they turn to Helena and beg her to provide a safe home for the children. Bravely, and without hesitation, Helena fulfills her promise to protect her friends’ children at any cost.But will the beautiful dancer be enough to save them from a terrible fate?Read more

This story will pull you in, captivate your very soul and leave you with profound admiration for a very wise woman and two orphans.
There are lots of books out there about the Nazi occupation of Paris and the trials and tribulations of ordinary people. This is one of the best ones.Highly recommended.

The author has made the horror of the Nazi occupation of Paris palpable for the reader.It was hard to put down once I started reading.
How could a book be published without editing or proofreading? Words are missing all over the place. The plot is basically interesting but the writing is that of a below average high school student. I hate to think that I paid over $14. for this!


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4.9/5309 ratings