The Parker Family Secret By Kay Correll

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The Parker Family Secret (Moonbeam Bay Book 4) By Kay Correll


Book/Novel Author: Kay Correll

Book/Novel Title: The Parker Family Secret



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Donna and Evelyn’s mother, Patricia, is… difficult, at best. 

Patricia wants things her way, the proper way, of course. There can be no cause for gossip and she’s not forgiven Heather for her big scandalous secret.

When Ted Cabot ends up in a condo right next to Patricia, she does everything possible to avoid him. Just because they were friends years ago does not mean that they need to be friends now.

And yet… they do slowly become friends again. 

But those pesky Parker secrets have a way of popping up and turning everyone’s world upside down. And this Parker Secret is a doozy.

MOONBEAM BAY – the series
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A Heather Parker Original – Book Three
The Parker Family Secret – Book Four
Grace Parker’s Peach Pie – Book Five
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I really enjoyed reading this book. It was so much about family and scandal. In the beginning I wasn’t to happy with Patricia she was to judgement but she got better. The family was so special for generations. You will love reading this book.
The Parker Family Secret: Moonbeam Bay Book 4 is by Kay Correll.This book is about relatives, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.What a dilemma.Patricia Beale is a very unhappy mother of Donna and Evelyn.She isn’t happy unless she is criticizing others or so it seems to Donna and Evelyn.Patricia is happy when she is upset about something.Usually, it is something her family has done.Everything seems to embarrass her and she definitely doesn’t want any hint of gossip about them.She didn’t like the assisted living down in Naples, so she and some friends, who were also snobby, moved to Moonbeam into the Sunrise Village Retirement Community.Here, she could be around those “equal” to herself and she had a penthouse apartment.Currently it was filled with boxes and no one to unpack them for her.Then to her chagrin, her next-door neighbor was Ted Cabot, one of the Cabots who had owned the Cabot Hotel.It had been rundown until Delbert Hamilton had bought it and refurbished it. Now it was beautiful. Though it was no longer in his family, Ted was as proud of it as if he was family.Having only his niece as family, Ted couldn’t understand why Patricia wasn’t closer to her daughters, granddaughter, niece, others in the family.He tried talking to Patricia about it but she refused.She especially refused when she learned Jesse and Heather had a son who had just shown up at age 15.To make things worse, Jesse hadn’t known Heather was pregnant nor that he had a son. He was so mad that he wouldn’t talk to Heather about it or why she had put him up for adoption.

Family was very important to the Parker women. But the family secret, though unexpected, brought great joy to a Parker daughter.


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