The Party at Number 12 By Kerry Wilkinson

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The Party at Number 12: A totally addictive psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist By Kerry Wilkinson


Book/Novel Author: Kerry Wilkinson

Book/Novel Title: The Party at Number 12



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Everyone’s invited. Someone will never leave.In a grand townhouse rented specially for the evening, Hannah beams at her guests under the sparkling chandelier. Her sisters, her mother and aunt, her best friends… although she’ll miss them all so much when she moves away, tonight is about celebrating the happy times and raising a toast to the future.But the next morning, one of the guests is found cold and lifeless in their pristine white bed.Hannah is desperate to call the police. After all, it must have been an accident. Perhaps too much wine, on a night where emotions were running high. But it soon becomes clear that every single person at the party has something to hide.A mother who’ll do anything for her daughters.Best friends with dark secrets between them.A sister with a jealous streak.What if one of them is a killer?And what if this is just the first victim?An absolutely unputdownable thriller that won’t let you sleep until you’ve reached the final page! Perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, The Hunting Party and Shari Lapena.Readers are loving The Party at Number 12:‘Twists that take your breath away. This book has everything you could possibly want… phenomenal… I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT.’ Michelle H, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘A-MA-ZING!…had me glued to the pages… I couldn’t get enough!…it sent shivers down my spine.’ @thrillers_and_unicorns‘You are NOT going to be able to put this book down…you are not going to see what’s coming. And you’re gonna love it.’Meanderings and Muses‘Amazing… wonderful… pulled me in from the very start and did not let go until the final page… I was hooked.’Rubie Reads Books‘Unputdownable… I was hooked from the very first page and kept there until the last. It is absolutely brilliant… So many twists and turns in this book which had me guessing until the end… I devoured it in two days.’ Baker’s Not So Secret Blog, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘Shocking… A nail-biting page-turner with echoes of Agatha Christie’s locked-room mysteries that will keep readers hooked all through the night. Kerry Wilkinson has written a jaw-dropping tale… the twists and turns will leave readers reeling and the shocks and surprises come thick and fast… A top-notch thriller readers won’t be able to put down.’ Bookish Jottings‘Oh my goodness this was so addictive and you never knew where this was going to go… So worth the hype to read.’ Caroline Wright, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I’m a Kerry Wilkinson fan, with 16 of his books in my book cabinet in my reading nook. I have put The Party at No. 12 at the top of the list as my favorite. It grabbed me from the start and didn’t let go. The final twist was shocking, not one I thought of. This would make a great movie. If you are a KW fan you won’t be disappointed.
This was one heck of a ride. Who’s mother acts like that? What a messed up bunch of people. This kept me interested and had an ending I could live with. No one escaped unscathed.
I have always found Wilkinson’ s novels to be, while not brilliant, decent mysteries and have enjoyed them. This one is terrible, it seems like a first book retitled. The writing and the characters are immature. The storyline trivial. It was like a bunch of 12 year olds decided to write a “who dunnit”Give this a one a pass.
Good character development. This story kept me guessing till the end., although I guessed at the ending and then thought, it couldn’t be. There were many printing errors that the editor should be embarrassed about but I think it didn’t affect the story any. The writers descriptions I could see, the house, the street and the character descriptions were all spot on and real. A mother protecting her children, a wife who felt guilty because her happiness was at the expense of a friend, a woman trying to find herself and feeling guilty because of her failures. Even the secondary characters were interesting. Good book, would make a good Movie.
This audio was narrated so well and I could not wait to find out how everything turned out.Hannah receives a sizable inheritance and decided to have a party for her sister, mother and friends before invoking on a new adventure. She rents a place and everyone seems to be having fun, but by the next morning a girl is found dead!What comes next is shocking! Do they tell the police? No they decided to take care of the problem. Each guest has something the hide. As the police show up to do interviews, will someone tell the truth? Accuse someone else? After all they each have a past, or perhaps a secret. You will be on the edge of your seat to find out what happens.
I made it 18% into the novel (mid-Chapter 7) when I set it aside and moved on to another novel. I’m not familiar with the author’s works although he has published enough to be recognized as a professional writer. My problem with the novel is simple: after the author establishes the BIG mystery in the prologue, he goes ahead and fills the first 7 chapters with nondescript narrative. I ran out of patience waiting for something interesting to happen.


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