The Perks of Being a Parker By Kay Correll

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The Perks of Being a Parker (Moonbeam Bay Book 6) By Kay Correll


Book/Novel Author: Kay Correll

Book/Novel Title: The Perks of Being a Parker



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Livy and Austin finally get their wedding. Or do they? Charlie, Livy’s father, shows up after years and years of being a no-show in her life and starts causing problems. And who does he connect with? Camille! And, what a surprise, Camille is stirring up trouble, yet again.Cassandra is back in town for the wedding and might finally have that date with Delbert. If it actually happens this time. Oh, and there’s a charity ball and a fire at Cabot Hotel. Are you ready for the exciting conclusion to the Moonbeam Bay series?**(Not saying there will never be another book in this series, because, as you know, Kay can never just leave her characters behind.) But we can all be assured these characters will pop up in other series, just like they always do. Be sure to look for the next series, Blue Heron Cottages. Or enjoy one of her other series:Comfort CrossingLighthouse PointCharming InnSweet RiverSweet Days by the Bay: Kay Correll’s Complete Indigo Bay Collection

Livy, Cassandra and Grandma Patricia find true love in Moonbean. The cafe still has the best ice cream in town.

I loved this one as much as the others. I kept hoping there was another chapter to read. I am looking forward to the Blue Heron series.
The Perks of Being a Parker: Moonbeam Bay Book 6 is by Kay Correll. Luckily the tourist season hadn’t started yet and Olivia and Austin had time to move their wedding date up. Austin’s mother was very ill and they really wanted her at their wedding, so they moved it up. The venue had changed to Blue Heron Cottages which were to officially open the week following their wedding. Violet had offered the cottages to Austin’s family so they could stay together. She was calling this a opening day trial. Violet was terribly nervous and worried that something would go wrong.When the Wood family arrived, it was the first time Olivia was to meet them; but all went well. They were scheduled to go to dinner that night so Olivia’s family could meet Austin’s family. It was the first time Olivia’s grandmother was to bring a guest, Olivia’s Uncle Ted who in reality was her grandfather and the first time at a formal gathering for Olivia’s mother and her new husband to meet everyone. Olivia’s family had grown quickly in the last few months. It may b e confusing but Olivia loved it.As they were getting ready to go to dinner after the rehearsal, an unexpected and unwanted guest appeared- Olivia’s father. He had never been known for his tact or good manners, so would he ruin her wedding? Not if the Parker women have anything to say about it.
Excellent read and excellent series. I really liked all these characters and the plot of this book. I want all the Parkers as friends. Looking forward to reading more from this author.


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