The Police Chief’s Bride By Getaway Bay

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The Police Chief’s Bride: Clean Beach Romance in Getaway Bay By Getaway Bay


Book/Novel Author: Getaway Bay

Book/Novel Title: The Police Chief’s Bride

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*This winter, escape to the beach without leaving your house! Join the Brides & Beaches series for some seriously sweet romance. Each book can be read as a standalone, with a happily-ever-after ending, and clean, sweet-without-losing-the-heat romance!*
**The Chief of Police and a woman with a restraining order against her… Can Wyatt and Deirdre try for their second chance at love? Or will their pasts keep them apart forever?**
Wyatt Gardner has been a widower for years now. He’s tired of the political games and constant pressure of his job as Police Chief, and with his daughter happily married, he thinks it’s time to start dating again. He tried several months ago with Deirdre Bernard, but he just wasn’t ready.
When he runs into her leaving the Sandy Singles event on the island of Getaway Bay, he decides to be brave and ask her out. And…she says no.
He wasn’t ready last time, and Deirdre doesn’t think it’s smart to date the Chief of Police when she has a restraining order keeping her away from her daughter. Though she’s not violent and her daughter was never in any danger, the order is still there. And she doesn’t want to tell Wyatt about it. Better to just steer clear of the man, even if he does make her heart-strings vibrate.
She can say no to him, but Deirdre can’t say no to her boss when she’s assigned to plan the year-end celebration at the police station. And who will she need to coordinate with the most? Wyatt Gardner. As they spend more and more time together, Deirdre finds the walls around his heart breaking down and her own resolve to keep her family secrets waning.
**Can Wyatt and Deirdre find a way through their past heartaches to discover a happily-ever-after as they move forward?**
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