The Queen With No Name By JJ Makenzie

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The Queen With No Name By JJ Makenzie


Book/Novel Author: JJ Makenzie

Book/Novel Title: The Queen With No Name



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She was born to be a queen, yet she’s nothing more than a political pawn. With no name and no place to call her own, she’s doing her best to hold on to the only thing that belongs to her and her alone—her soul. A difficult task, given that she was kept alive for the sole purpose of being given to the formidable King Rowan of Northrend to fulfill the treaty signed by the three kingdoms of Greatland long before she was born. She must bear his heirs in the hopes of keeping the delicate peace that continually lies on the precipice of collapse. What she doesn’t know is that she’s not just the key to peace—she’s the key to war.King Rowan’s entire life has been spent protecting his beloved kingdom and people. All he wishes for is an unassuming wife to bear his heirs and leave him unaffected. But the princess with no name haunts him with her beauty and unyielding spirit. Torn between breaking her and loving her, he puts his kingdom at risk each passing day he goes without a legitimate heir.But there are more than hearts and souls on the line; danger lurks around every corner. Threats from within and without Northrend make it difficult to know who they can trust. The paramount question is, can they trust each other? Will the king finally name his queen, or will she tear his world apart? Her names comes with a price. Who will pay it?Author JJ Makenzie presents an achingly beautiful coming of age story with a romance that will curl your toes and leave you longing for more.
Oh, this book made me cry! But, it also made my heart happy. I’m kicking myself now, however, for reading it in one night and now having to wait until 2023 for the next book!!
the unnamed Queens womb should be the name of this book. it could’ve been a great read but every other sentence talked about the girl’s womb and her “grasping her womb”
Truly amazing. Fell in love since chapter one. Highly recommended. I could not put it down. Love it so much
I really loved this one!! I got all the feels. READ IT. I can’t believe we have to wait to 2023 to get the next chapter of this amazing story!! Plz hurry up and finish it


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