The Rebel By Sophie Lark

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The Rebel (Kingmakers) By Sophie Lark


Book/Novel Author: Sophie Lark

Book/Novel Title: The Rebel



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#1 Best SellerI Want The One Girl I Can’t Have…Zoe Romero is trapped in a marriage contract with the most sadistic psychopath at Kingmakers.She couldn’t be more off-limits. Stealing her from Rocco Prince would break the most ironclad rules of the mafia world.But I have to have her. She’s my soulmate. I want her, or no one at all.I’ll do anything to save her. Rocco will do anything to destroy her.I’ve got one chance to achieve the impossible…The Lark Notes:Ohhhh Miles… what happens when you mix my all-time favorite couple from Brutal Prince? You get 75% Aida’s recklessness + 75% Callum’s ruthlessness = 150% Miles. The Rebel is intense, driven, and doesn’t care what anybody thinks, until he meets Zoe. – Sophie“The Rebel” is is the second book in the epic dark mafia Kingmakers series. It’s a forbidden romance, full of jealousy, desire, and a hero who will do anything to save the woman he loves.





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